Who is Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon (Elden Ring)? Boss, History, Fighting style, Strategy, Lore

Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon is a boss in Elden Ring. Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon is one of the demigods that players must defeat to advance in the story, and can be found in the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

What is Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon’s story? Story, Lore, Elden Ring

A master sorceress and former wife of the Elden Lord Radagon. Rennala can be found in her chambers, where she guards a mysterious amber egg. At the height of her power, Rennala was probably the most powerful sorceress in the world. In the present, she has fallen far behind, but in the second phase of her battle, Ranni aptly demonstrates this by conjuring up an illusion of her mother at her most powerful, and masterfully casting numerous high-level spells against you. This is also demonstrated mechanically, as her memory can be traded for either her glitterstone wand or a spell of her own devising. Both require absolutely insane Int requirements – 60 and 70, respectively – far above what the player can achieve by defeating Rennala herself.

Her armor set strongly suggests that Rennala peaked after Radagon left her for Marika, followed by the Disruption that saw several of her own children go to ruinous war against each other, and the Academy’s rebellion against the Kings. When the player encounters her, she is locked in Raya Lucaria’s great library and seems barely aware of her surroundings. Her attention is solely on her egg as she works to perfect her ritual of rebirth.

Not Rennala herself, but her attempt to learn the art of reincarnation is extremely imperfect. Most of the students she reincarnates come back as babbling idiots who don’t survive long before dying again. The Tainted One first learns of her presence when one tries to bite her foot like an angry toddler. After the stained one defeats Ranni’s illusion of her in the second phase, Rennala herself is left to offer them rebirth and allow them to reassign their values.

Appearance: Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon

She is almost twice as tall as the player. Her headgear is shaped like a crescent moon, manifesting spells transferred from her memory. She increases intelligence when worn, and unlike the Glintstone Crowns, has no drawbacks. Their wide smiles, unfocused eyes, and tendency to crawl rather than walk are reminiscent of severely crippled or degenerate mental patients.

Strengths: Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon

Rennala has only one attack herself, and mostly hovers in a golden sphere maintained by a few mages on the ground – who do most of the fighting by biting, lashing out with their candlesticks, spitting fire, and telekinetically hurling random objects. The player must disperse the sphere by hitting the mages that are casting it, not killing them, but only interrupting their concentration.

Finally, in the second phase, the Rennala Projection starts summoning spiritual helpers to assist her until the player uses up her health or attacks her often enough. She can summon a pack of four wolves, a bloodhound knight, a troll, or even a dragon.

How to defeat Rennala? Elden Ring, Battle

Her battle has two phases, the first of which is more of a puzzle than a fight. Rennala will hover over the player while her minions crawl around on the floor, throwing flying books and fire breath. You have to look around the room and figure out which of her minions is chanting. Then the player must attack that minion to end its song, after which another one begins.

After three of the minions are hit, Rennala’s protective shell will break and she’ll fall to the ground, allowing the player to perform a few attacks before she rises back up into the air. She will release a magical explosion before she rises again. So the player must go back when it is noticeable that she is building up her spell. This process must be repeated until her health bar is depleted, which triggers phase two.

In phase two, Rennala faces the player directly with her entire arsenal of spells. These include:

A magic laser, which she announces by summoning a large magic ball, which then shrinks in her hand before firing directly at the player. It can be dodged by rolling left or right just before she fires.

A barrage of homing crystals that acts like a magic shotgun. You can tell because the tip of their staff becomes spiky. As long as you are not directly in front of them, you can easily dodge them.

A barrage of slower moving homing missiles usually summoned when she dodges the attacks. Just like the homing crystals, you can easily deflect these by simply dodging them or rolling into them before impact.

A powerful magical flash. Just before she releases it, she hovers slightly above the ground. You can ward it off by simply dodging her when the spell arrives.

A magical boomerang of sorts, it flies towards the player and spins around for a few seconds, hitting several times and draining your stamina before flying back to her.

During its signature attack, it floats into the air and wraps itself in a small moon before falling back to the ground. The moon then sinks down and hits the ground, causing a huge explosion. When you see this coming, it’s best to just run away.

The basic strategy is to constantly move. The player should constantly move around them in the middle area, so that there is enough time to react to their spells and attack when a gap opens up. The most punishing spells are the magic laser and the magic lightning. So you should be on the lookout for this one in particular.

When she reaches about half of her health, she starts summoning various ash spirits to help her in battle. These make dodging even more complicated. Next, she will summon a troll, a dragon, an assassin, and wolves. Her summoning animation has a long cooldown, so if you are in position, you should take the opportunity for 2-3 hits.

The reward for defeating them is the memory of the Full Moon Queen and the Great Rune of the Unborn. After the battle, the player returns to the original boss chamber, where you can talk to Rennala to change the appearance and re-specify the character.

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