Who is Renna (Elden Ring)? NPC, Quest, Story, History, Lore

Renna is an NPC from Elden Ring, the open world role-playing game from FromSoftware. Players can find her relatively early in the game if they fulfill the appropriate requirements. Meeting Renna is important because she gives players a very helpful item.

How can players meet Renna? Elden Ring

To find Renna, players must meet two requirements in Elden Ring. First, they must have already found and rested at three Places of Grace in order for Melina to join them. Melina not only offers to fill in for players as a substitute maiden, unlocking the opportunity to Aufleven. She also gives players a whistle that can be used to summon the spectral steed Stormwind.

Second, after meeting Melina, players must travel to the Church of Elleh in Limgrave by night. When they enter the church, they will find a bluish figure with a conspicuously large wizard’s hat sitting on the wall to the right of the entrance. This is Renna. She recognizes that the players have the ability to summon Stormwind, and in response gives them a bell that the players can use to summon spectral creatures at specific locations in the game. Renna also gives the players three spectral wolves, which can be very powerful helpers with some bosses, especially in the beginning.

After the handover, Renna says goodbye and says that it will probably not come to a meeting again. Shortly thereafter, she simply dissolves before the players‘ eyes.

Who is Renna? Elden Ring, History, Lore

As players can learn a bit later in the game, Renna is a secret identity of Ranni the Witch. Ranni has actually been a member of the royal Caria family and was destined to become the successor of Queen Marika. However, Ranni did not want to be guided by the Greater Will and its proxies, the Two Fingers. To escape her fate, Ranni caused her own body to die by the Rune of Death and transferred her consciousness into a doll, with which she embarked on a dark path to ultimately kill the Two Fingers.

Players can find Ranni in the Liurnia Lakescape in the Three Sisters area. Here, the witch will offer the players that they can put themselves at Ranni’s service to eventually find a weapon to destroy the Two Fingers.

Why did Ranni create the identity of Renna?

After Ranni took the rune of death and eliminated her own body, she was no longer under the influence of the Two Fingers. However, because she is a member of a royal family and belongs to the so-called Empirics, she has powers that can be dangerous to the Greater Will.

For this reason, the Two Fingers have made Ranni the target of assassins for hire to find and kill the witch before she can carry out her plans. Ranni does have a protector in the form of the wolf-man Blaidd, however she has created the secret identity of Renna as an additional safeguard. In this way, she can move somewhat more freely through the interlands without everyone knowing directly who she really is. Only to those who are worthy in her eyes does Ranni reveal her true name.

What happens when players miss Renna? Elden Ring

Since Renna only appears when players meet the right prerequisites, it’s easy for players to miss her or not find her. This then also means that players will have to survive the early days without the ability to summon help in the form of spectral creatures for tricky battles.

After players have explored the interworld somewhat and rested at least 15 times in places of mercy in the upper world, Melina reappears and offers to take players to the round table fortress. From this point on, Renna no longer shows up at the Church of Elleh.

Fortunately, the stained can still get both the Spectral Summoning Bell and the Spectral Wolves, even if they haven’t met Renna. To do this, all they have to do is find and interact with the twin shells of the finger readers in the round table fortress. They can then buy the bell and the wolves from the finger readers.

Ranni’s quest line will still be available to players, however, even if they haven’t met Renna. She will be found in Ranni’s Ascension and players can still enter her service.

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