What is vaccine shedding? Meaning, explanation, definition

A number of abstruse theories about the Corona pandemic have been spawned on many social networks. The latest conspiracy theory is called vaccine shedding. This term first spread on Telegram channels among anti-vaccination activists. Here, namely, unvaccinated people fear that vaccinated people who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus with a spike protein can pass on this spike protein by coughing or physical contact. In some forums, unvaccinated people have reported that they have been afflicted with various symptoms after contact with vaccinated people. This now fear of meeting vaccinated people is being actively discussed.

Vaccine shedding is hotly debated on numerous forums. Basically it is about the fact that vaccinated persons can excrete the spike proteins again, for example by skin contact or by coughing. Thus they would „infect“ unvaccinated people. If one believes the discussion, women in particular can suffer miscarriages after being „infected“, or they can also suffer period bleeding that occurs irregularly. In addition, headaches and nausea after shedding cannot be ruled out.

However, a virologist at Med-Uni Vienna has said that this is complete humbug. The spike protein is in fact injected into a muscle. It cannot be excreted from there in individual components. If one were to assume that the spike proteins penetrate into the saliva, as claimed by the critics, this would be the end of the line for the proteins. The saliva would break down the proteins.

How vaccine shedding occurs

Some Telegram groups report that unvaccinated people who have met, hugged or even had sexual contact with vaccinated people have experienced symptoms of illness afterwards. They refer to this phenomenon as shedding. However, the shedding feared by the unvaccinated does not exist in this way. If one were to believe the false claims, freshly vaccinated people would form viral spike proteins after a few weeks, which they can then pass on via skin contact or exhalation. At least that is how it is explained on the Telegram channels. The author of the post refers to reports from test subjects. He also explicitly emphasizes that these observations are not set in stone, but rather based on medical and scientific articles. Furthermore, he states that the vaccine from various manufacturers would lead to shedding.

Those who fear shedding are not generally afraid of contracting corona, but rather fear other consequences. For example, women might become infertile. However, there is no evidence that women could become infertile after receiving a Corona vaccine.

There are some false claims mixed in the various Telegram channels. For example, there is also discussion that vaccinated people emit electromagnetic radiation. The claims surrounding vaccine shedding tend to be classified as conspiracy theories.

Is vaccine shedding really possible?

The all-clear can be given here – mere contact with vaccinated people cannot cause symptoms of disease. The vaccines approved here do not contain live Covid-19 virus, nor does it contain the feared spike protein. Only the blueprint for the immune system is assembled via the mRNA vaccine.

It is also completely absurd that people who are vaccinated against Covid-19 will contract the virus as a result. The vaccine only activates the immune system to fight the virus in case of infection. Of course, after vaccination, people may experience fatigue or fever later. However, this is a normal protective mechanism of the body, which means that now a protection against the virus is built. However, these symptoms such as fatigue or fever cannot be transferred to unvaccinated people. In general, vaccinated people do not excrete anything that could infect other people and thus cause symptoms of disease.

Pathogens capable of multiplying are only found in live vaccines. However, these are not yet on the market against Covid-19. But even in these substances, the virus is so attenuated that the disease cannot be triggered by it. These vaccinations with live vaccines include, for example, vaccinations against rubella, measles or mumps. However, the possibility of various vaccination reactions cannot be ruled out here either.

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