Who is Nepheli Loux (Elden Ring)? NPC, Quest, Story, Lore

Nephelie Loux is an NPC from Elden Ring, the open world role-playing game from FromSoftware. She is a warrior who has the mission of serving the greater will and has a strong sense of justice.

The First Encounter with Nephelie Loux (Elden Ring)

Nephelie Loux is one of the characters that players can find in Elden Ring. However, unlike other NPCs, it is almost impossible to miss her. When players explore the first Legacy dungeon, Storm Veil Castle, they will find an elevator outside the heavily guarded courtyard that serves as a link to a place of grace on the upper floor. Once players have fought their way through the courtyard, there is a small room to the east where the warrior can be found.

At first, she is skeptical of the stained. However, she realizes that both the players and Nephelie Loux have the same goal. Both want to hunt down Godrick, the Grafted, who rules over Castle Storm Veil. The warrior offers her help to the players.

Afterwards, when you return to the golden mist gate near the Secluded Cell, there is a summoning sign on the ground. With this sign, Nephelie Loux can be summoned to fight Godrick with the players. If the players win the battle, they will next find Nephelie Loux in the round table fortress. She is located across from a small library where Gideon Ofnir can be found. When the players talk to Nephelie Loux, the warrior gives them the Arsenal Pendant, which increases the maximum carrying power, as a token of appreciation.

She also reveals to the players that Gideon Ofnir is not only one of the oldest remaining inhabitants of the Round Table Fortress. He is also her adoptive father and has charged her with restoring the influence of the Greater Will in the interlands.

Meeting Nephelie Loux (Elden Ring) Again

When players arrive in Laskyar during their adventure, they will find a rugged path leading up the dark cliffs in the western part of the region near a poison lake. There are corpses hanging everywhere and mourning residents can be seen kneeling and weeping in front of the corpses. Unfortunately, the remaining inhabitants of the Albinaurian village are hostile and attack the players.

However, if you can make your way through the enemies, you’ll find Nephelie Loux again at a campfire. The warrior is completely devastated by the sight of the atrocities in the village. She vows to find out who is responsible and then bring the person to justice.

Searching the village further, the players come across an omen killer accompanied by a group of dogs. Nephelie Loux can be summoned to fight this boss. If the players speak to the warrior again after defeating the Omenkiller, she says that she will return to the Round Table Fortress.

The next time players approach Nephelie Loux in the Round Table Fortress, she appears broken and completely lacking in motivation. If you then return to Gideon Ofnir, you learn that he was the one who sent the Omenkiller to the Albinaurians‘ Dort to wipe out their impure bloodline. Also, Gideon tells us that he dismissed Nephelie Loux from his service because she went against his orders and killed the Omenkiller, which explains her disillusioned state.

If the players have already found the ashes of the Storm Eagle King at this point, they can give the ashes to Nephelie Loux to cheer her up a bit. The warrior says that the smell of the ashes reminds her of her first eagle.

The Fate of Nephelie Loux

There are two possible options to bring Nephelie Loux’s quest line to an end. If the players have already met the scholar Seluvis at the Three Sisters and received his potion, they can fulfill the wizard’s order and give the liquid to Nephelie. The warrior will drink the potion and then disappear from the round table fortress. She can be found afterwards in Seluvi’s rise, where she sits as a lifeless doll in a corner. As a reward, the wizard sells the player a summoner’s ash of Nephelie Loux.

However, you can also talk to Gideon Ofnir. Even after disowning his daughter, he does not want to let her become an experiment of Seluvis. He offers to destroy the potion for the players.

If you don’t give Nephelie Loux the potion, you can bring about a different end to her quest line. To do this, however, you must have already met Kenneth Haight in eastern Limgrave and helped him liberate Haight Fortress. If you talk to Kenneth afterwards, he explains that he wants to set out to find a new ruler for the land.

Afterwards, when the players return to the throne room in Storm Veil Castle, before which the battle against Godrick the Grafted took place, they find Kenneth Haight and Nephelie Loux in the throne room. Kenneth has chosen Nephelie Loux as the new ruler and she thanks the players with an Ancient Dragon Forge Stone. This stone can be used to upgrade weapons and armor to +25 and is extremely valuable because there are very few of them in the entire game.

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