Who is the White-Faced Varre (Elden Ring)? NPC, Quest, Story, Lore

The White-Faced Varre is an NPC that players encounter very early in the open world role-playing game Elden Ring by FromSoftware. The man with the white mask offers himself to the players as a kind of tourist guide and directs them in the direction of the first Legacy dungeon.

Where do you find the White-Faced Varre first? Elden Ring

The first encounter with the White-Faced Varre is nearly impossible to miss. When players come out of the tutorial area and finally enter the interlands for the first time after an elevator ride, they see a place of grace a few meters ahead of them. It is also referred to as „The First Step“ on the map. If the players run up to the light, a lanky figure stands directly behind the place of grace. His clothing resembles a monk’s cowl, but his face hides the person behind a white, expressionless mask.

When the players approach the White-Faced Varre, he realizes rather quickly that although they are stained people who have been cast out by the demigods, they are missing one important little thing. They don’t have a maiden to guide them or to give them access to the round table fortress.

The White-Faced Varre therefore agrees to help the players at least a little with advice. The players learn from him that some places of grace emit a faint glow of light that points in certain directions. This guide of mercy serves as a guide line to help the stained find their way to the bearers of the ring shards. In addition, the White-Faced Varre points out that there may be someone in Storm Veil Castle who possesses such a shard.

Reunion with the White-Faced Varre

After the players make their way to Storm Veil Castle and defeat Godfrick the Grafted, they receive his Shard of the Elden Ring. With this, the players are granted an audience with the Two Fingers in the Round Table Stronghold and learn what the Greater Will has to say to them.

If, after this audience, the players return to the place of grace where the White-Faced Varre was previously found, he has disappeared. The players can find the figure a little later in Liurnia at the so-called Rose Church. The place is located on a small plateau southwest of Raya Lucaria. The White-Faced Varre stands directly in front of the church.

If the players approach him, the character asks them what they think of the Two Fingers. When the players reply that they are uncomfortable with the descendants of the Greater Will, the White-Faced Varre explains that he suspects the Two Fingers may have been corrupted. He wants the players to turn away from the Greater Will.

The players receive a festering, bloody finger from the White-Faced Varre. With this item, they are able to enter the worlds of other teammates as a phantom and attack them. Once the players have used the finger three times, they can return to the White-Faced Varre. The man in the white mask then reveals that he serves another lord, namely Mogh, the Lord of Blood. The White-Faced Varre offers the players to become a Knight of Mogh as well. To do so, however, they must first take the Lord of Blood’s favor.

The players are instructed to dip the favor into the blood of a maiden. The White-Faced Varre explains that in the ritual, a stained one should normally kill his own maiden. However, because the players do not have a maiden of their own, they are sent to find the remains of a maiden somewhere in the world and bathe the favor of the Lord of Blood in it. If the players succeed and return to White-Faced Varre, he awards them the Medal of the Pure-Blooded Knight.

The End of the White-Faced Varre (Elden Ring)

If players activate the Medal of the Pureblood Knight, they can teleport directly to the Mohgwyn Palace. In this area, where Mogh, Lord of Blood lives, players will find a room at the midpoint in the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum where a red summoner’s mark lies on the floor. By examining the sign, they can enter the world of the White-Faced Varre and fight him. Upon victory, players will receive a rune bow and also a weapon called Varre’s Bouquet. This is a slashing weapon similar to a hammer that looks like a bouquet of flowers.

Players also have the option to kill the White-Faced Varre right at the very first encounter. However, they will only receive 500 runes for this. The quest line will then no longer be available to them because the White-Faced Varre is one of the few NPCs that cannot be revived by an offering in the Church of Vows.

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