Who is Nadine Breaty? Curriculum vitae, profile, biography

Nadine Breaty is a German influencer.

Nadine Breaty: curriculum vitae, profile, biography

Nadine Breaty was born on September 17, 1998 in Rostock, where she grew up and lived for a long time. Meanwhile (spring 2022) she is 23 years old and moved with her family to Berlin. Nadine Breaty has German roots. The Rostock native is 1.65 meters tall. Her eyes are blue.

Other first names of her are not known. The Rostock native made up her last name „Breaty“, but hardly anyone knows her real last name.

Nadine Breaty’s family

Little is known about the 23-year-old’s family. The 23-year-old does not reveal the names of her parents or siblings to protect her privacy. This is particularly important to her. What is known about her closest family environment, however, is that her father is a businessman and her mother takes care of the family household.

However, there are some TikTok videos on which her family or siblings occasionally appear. What is also known about her family is that they support her unconditionally in everything and are fully behind her career in social media.

Besides keeping quiet about her family, Breaty also doesn’t reveal anything about her love life, no matter how much fans would like to know more about it. However, she is definitely unmarried and childless.

Nadine Breaty’s profession: Influencer TikTok

Nadine Breaty has become famous worldwide as a social media influencer, especially via the platform TikTok. There, especially her lip sync videos, pranks and dance videos were clicked millions of times. Over the course of several years, she has built up a very loyal following there, which always diligently comments on, shares and likes her videos.

The Rostock native works full-time as a content creator for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, as well as a fashion blogger, model and entrepreneur.

Nadine Breaty’s career

Nadine Breaty graduated from a high school in the Berlin district of Steglitz. With her school-leaving certificate in her pocket, she began studying.

At the age of 14, she began posting her first videos on social media, which soon went through the roof.

The German discovered TikTok for herself in 2017 and has been posting new videos on the popular platform very regularly ever since.

The German influencer uploaded her first YouTube videos in 2016. As these received more and more attention, she devoted herself fully to her social media career, which has been growing steadily ever since. In the meantime, she is one of the best-known German influencers and is even famous all over the world.

On her numerous channels, she publishes Lip Sync videos, pranks and dance videos, as well as product reviews, clothing and makeup tips, and videos from her everyday life or from her numerous travels around the world.

Nadine Breaty’s fans

Her TikTok following now totals over 9 million followers. On YouTube, the 23-year-old has over 1 million subscribers and she has also appeared in promotional videos for world-famous brands such as Maybelline New York, Pandora and Kellogg Germany. On Instagram, she now also gathers over 1 million subscribers.

Apparently, all these subscribers and advertising appearances have led to the 23-year-old already being a triple millionaire at such a young age.

TV appearances by Nadine Breaty

Back in the summer of 2021, Nadine Breaty was part of „9:16 House,“ a social media project where six influencers lived together in a shared apartment in Ibiza for 100 days and produced a variety of content. Fans have loved this format so much that it’s going into a second round in 2022, where Nadine Breaty will also be back.

Nadine Breaty’s Piebaldism

The Rostock native has dark blonde hair with her distinctive white streaks in the front of her face. This pigment disorder of the hair and also parts of her skin that are lighter than others is called Piebaldism. This disorder occurs when the body lacks important melanin-producing cells that would normally color the hair or body. The 23-year-old dedicated her own video on YouTube to Piebaldism, where she explains why her hair has two white strands in the front. This is still her most clicked video on YouTube. She used to be teased about this pigment disorder, but today she can educate others about it.

Nadine Breaty’s borderline disorder

Nadine Breaty also suffers from borderline, which is why she used to be bullied a lot by her classmates at school. During her high school graduation, she reached a low point and even wanted to take her own life because of the depression. As a result, she spent three months in a psychiatric ward and still goes to therapy regularly, which helps her deal with her mental health disorder.

Hobbies of Nadine Breaty

The German influencer loves dogs and owns two four-legged friends herself, which can often be seen on her social media channels. Besides walking with her dogs, her hobbies include traveling, boating, horse riding, cycling, surfing, singing, dancing, photography and reading books. Above all, she is very fond of music and plays the piano and the guitar as well as the violin herself. She likes Italian, German and Spanish cuisine the most.

Nadine Breaty: TikTok, Instagram, YouTube

TikTok: @nadinebreaty

Instagram: nadinebreaty

YouTube: nadinebreaty

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