Who is Bernahl (Elden Ring)? NPC, Quest, Story, Lore

Knight Bernahl (later known as Recusant Bernahl) is an NPC in Elden Ring. Bernahl is a tainted knight who is first found in the War Master’s hut in the center of Stormhill. He serves as an Ashes of War merchant, selling various ashes in exchange for runes. He is also involved in certain quest lines and changes locations frequently.

What is known about Bernahl? Elden Ring, Lore

Knight Bernahl can be found in various places, depending on the player’s progress. Bernahl can first be found in the War Master’s hut in Stormhill.

After the player pledges allegiance to the Manor of Vulcan, Bernahl will move into the Manor and henceforth be known as Recusant Bernahl. In Crumbling Farum Azula, the player will be attacked by the Renegade Bernahl after passing the Place of Mercy next to the Great Bridge.

Bernahl wields a two-handed sword in the War Master’s hut. At Volcano Manor, he switches to a greathammer with a rather fitting serpent motif. After leaving the manor following Rykard’s defeat, he leaves behind the Zweihander, which you can interact with to gain access to his store.

What does Bernahl do for the player?

If you walk east along a dirt road from the Storm Hill Lodge, you will find the War Master’s hut in a wooded area towards East Limgrave. There, Knight Bernahl sells various types of war ash that you can equip with all sorts of weapons, and you can also swap them out when you find new weapons. When you return to the cottage at night after visiting Stormveil Castle, Bernahl may have disappeared and a very dangerous Bell Bearing Hunter may appear in his place.

After you complete the second assassination in the Volcano Manor questline and talk to Bernahl, he hands the player the letter to Knight Bernahl, in which he names two assassination targets to take out together. When you return to the player’s world after helping Bernahl with his invasion, you will be rewarded with the Raging Wolf set. Knight Bernahl will reward the player with the Gelmir’s Wrath spell after reporting to him in the volcano castle. You should make sure that you have completed Bernahl’s quest as well as the rest of the quests in the Volcano Castle before defeating Rykard, as these NPCs will disappear from the Volcano Castle afterwards.

Bernahl will enter Crumbling Farum Azula. The player must go from the big bridge towards the dragon temple in the north. After that, head into the temple and make his way to the eastern lone tower. He will enter through the door and drop his armor set, the Devourer’s Scepter and the usable item Blasphemous Claw.

For which quest is Bernahl relevant? Elden Ring

First Meeting – War Master’s Hut

To begin his quest, you must first find Knight Bernahl at the War Master’s Hut in the Stormhill region of Limgrave. The way to the hut is quite dangerous, as you have to take the main road from the gate ruins through the Stormgate, avoiding the troll and numerous soldiers. As if that wasn’t enough, you also have to cross a dense forest shrouded in a thick fog and teeming with wolves, some of which fall out of the trees. The howling will follow the player all the way. To find Knight Bernahl, all you have to do is go to the hut. There Bernahl will ask the player if his faith is still strong. If you answer in the affirmative, you will gain access to his store for war ashes.

Second meeting – Bernahl the revenant

If you advance further into the Altus Plateau, you will eventually reach the volcanic estate in Mt. Gelmir. There you meet Tanith, and if you agree to join the Recusants, she hands over the Drawing Room Key, which can be used to open the rooms in the western corridor. There you will find Rya, a man in armor and Diallos. On the table you will also find the first assassination contract. If you complete it and then return to Tanith, she will issue a second one, which will also be on the table. If you approach the man in armor after the first contract is done, he will reveal himself to be Recusant Bernahl, the same knight you encountered in Limgrave. You should make sure that you have carried out your dialogue to the end, so that you can then carry out the second assassination mission. This time, after receiving the reward from Tanith, the player must talk to Bernahl. The latter will deliver a letter to Bernhal asking if you can help him with the orders.

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