Who is Miriel Pastor of Vows? NPC, Quest, Story, History, Lore

Miriel,Pastor of Vows, is an NPC in Elden Ring. Miriel is the administrator of the Church of the Vows. Miriel is a giant creature with the appearance of a turtle. It interacts with the player for the first time when the player arrives at the Church of Vows. Miriel, Pastor of Vows, then welcomes the player and offers to share his knowledge of spells, incantations and Radagon.

What is known about Miriel, Pastor of Vows?

This NPC does not move. Miriel is a giant turtle and the caretaker of the Church of the Vows in Liurna. Miriel, Pastor of Vows, is located in the Church of Vows, a neglected house of worship on the East Island of Liurna of the Lakes. He can teach the player both incantations and spells. The hat Miriel wears is usually referred to as a mitre. It is worn by bishops and abbots in the real world, hence the title „Turtle Pope“.

He’s a pretty friendly turtle who will teach the player pretty much anything he asks, whether it’s considered heresy or not. He also easily forgives the tainted, even if they have attacked him. When attacked, he makes no effort to defend himself, even though he is proficient in a variety of incantations and spells. Even if they continue to attack him (which can go as far as killing him), he only says that the player is certainly persistent. This is then done in a sad tone of voice.

What does Miriel the turtle do for the player?

With Miriel, the player can study spells and incantations and expand their knowledge of Elden Ring lore. Miriel is a great candidate for the player to place all scrolls and prayer books with him, as he does not change location and teaches both spells and incantations. Giving him all 3 scrolls and 7 prayer books and then buying the spells and incantations from him will not trigger any new dialogs.

For which quest is Miriel relevant?

Miriel is not directly relevant to any quest, but can be useful throughout the game. Along the eastern highway in Liurnia, you can find the Church of Vows, where a giant turtle with a hat gives friendly advice and guards the church – where you can sacrifice celestial dew to receive absolution. This returns any NPC that the player has accidentally angered and made hostile to a friendly status. In addition, Miriel can also teach a few spells, and she can be given any books or scrolls, either with spells or incantations.

When players first talk to Miriel in the Church of Vows, he tells a little about the history of the church and a few stories about Rennala, the Queen of the Moon, and Radagon. If you talk to Miriel again after the first conversation, he will be unlocked as a merchant. He will sell both spells and summons to the player, with the option to give scrolls and prayer books to unlock additional purchase options.

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