Who is Jose Monkey? Life, profile, biography

Jose Monkey (proper spelling: Josemonkey) is a content creator who has become known for videos in which he figures out the locations where other videos were shot.

Jose Monkey: life, biography, profile

Jose Monkey or Josemonkey is a fictitious name. The content creator does not reveal his real name to protect his privacy. Therefore, nothing is known about his private life and origin. In his videos he speaks American English.

Jose Monkey has been privately involved in geotargeting and open source intelligence (OSINT) for 10 years. Geotargeting is an attempt to assign an IP address to its geographic location. Open Source Intelligence describes the collection of publicly available information in a data pool, as practiced for example by the German Federal Intelligence Service and many intelligence agencies.

Jose Monkey combines both methods to find out the creation location of Internet videos. He does this only upon request, when the desire to do so has been explicitly expressed by the creators of the videos. Beyond that, it does not respond to requests from minors.

Finding out the location of videos in this way is a hobby for Jose Monkey. As a hobby, this is called geoguessing. He is not the only one who has this hobby, there is a small online community around geoguessing.

Jose Monkey: video sequence, message, fame

In his videos, Jose Monkey explains in an understandable way what clues he picked up from the videos he watched and what sources of information he used to determine the location.

On the one hand, this is a form of entertainment for him, and many other people see it that way, too, because Jose Monkey’s TikTok account now has 1.2 million followers. He has already identified more than 100 locations. On the other hand, Jose Monkey wants his videos to educate people about how easy it is to pinpoint locations with just a few clues and the use of geotargeting and OSINT.

Jose Monkey also uses his social media fame to create a side income selling t-shirts and other merchandise through his online store.

Jose Monkey: TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Threads

TikTok: @the_josemonkey

YouTube: @josemonkey

Twitter: josemonkey

Threads: @the_josemonkey

On TikTok, Jose Monkey has over 1.2 million followers. (as of August 2023)

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