Who is John Pork? Life, profile, biography, explanation

John Pork is an anthropomorphic virtual content creator (VTuber).

What makes John Pork special is that he is a virtual (half) human. However, he is not a pure human, but has a pig’s head. John Pork is, so to speak, a pig-man / pigman.

Who is John Pork? Life, profile, biography, explanation

John Pork has been around since 2018 and is said to be from Palermo, Italy.

John Pork has a human body and a pig head.

In 2018, John Pork published his first social media post. At that time, he posted his first picture on Instagram on September 24, 2018. The picture was a selfie and showed John Pork standing in front of „Doune Castle“ in Scotland. The picture inspired a few thousand people.

John Pork describes himself as the „coolest pig in the world.“ The website „Virtual Humans“ (.org) says that John Pork is a normal guy who likes to spend time with his friends, listen to music and buy shoes.

John Pork is said to live in London and he likes traveling.

His Instagram account gives the impression that John Pork likes fashion and likes to put himself in the spotlight. He wrote about himself that he is „fashion model“.

John Pork is Calling: Meme

The meme „John Pork is Calling“ went viral after March 21, 2023. It led to John Pork gaining new popularity and thus new followers.

For the first time he became more famous in 2018, so just „new“ was.

You can learn more about John Pork is Calling here.

Is John Pork dead? Death

Various media and TikTok users spread the information that John Pork is supposed to be dead.

Since John Pork isn’t even real, he can’t be dead in a human sense. However, it may be that the creator (or creators) of John Pork got tired of the project and simply stopped posting images. If „dead“ means no longer participating in social media, he was never dead, just inactive.

Is John Pork for real?

If the question of whether John Pork is real is whether he exists in real (that is, physical) form, the question must be answered in the negative. John Pork is not real.

John Pork is a virtual influencer. He is the product of filters and animation techniques.

There was a theory on Reddit (around 2020) that John Pork is supposed to be the YouTuber Technoblade. But this has never been proven.

John Pork: creator, who is behind it?

It is not known by whom or which group, „John Pork“ is operated.

The true identity of John Pork is unknown.

What makes John Pork so special?

John Pork looks like the friendly and harmless next door neighbor who just wants to live his humble life.

What makes John Pork so special is the „Uncanny Valley Effect.“ John Pork looks friendly, he smiles and his eyes radiate kindness. His nose is huge and his ears droop. Everyone knows the character isn’t real, but you sympathize with him.

The backstory of John Pork can be spun even further. John Pork was bullied in his school days and has had to recover from it later in life. His experiences traumatized him and only after therapy could he find inner peace. Now he just wants to enjoy life in peace.

John Pork: Instagram, TikTok

Instagram: john.pork

TikTok: @john.pork

On Instagram, John Pork now has over 113,000 followers.

On social media, John Pork posts rather irregularly.

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