Who is Iron Fist Alexander (Elden Ring)? NPC, Quest, Story, Lore

In the meantime, the introduction of strange or abstract characters has become a permanent feature for the game developer „From Software“. Both in the well-known „Souls games“ and in their offshoots (like „Bloodborne“ or „Sekiro“), the player regularly encounters lots of NPCs that are designed in such an unusual and bizarre way that you will probably not find similar figures in any other video game.

And the latest offshoot of the Soulslike games „Elden Ring“ is no exception. In this open-world game, too, you’ll regularly make the acquaintance of creatures whose external appearance is almost absurd. One of these characters is „Iron Fist Alexander“. What this NPC is all about and what role this character plays in Elden Ring can be found out in this article.

Who is Iron Fist Alexander? Elden Ring, Lore, Story

Iron Fist Alexander is one of the characters in Elden Ring that can be encountered at several points in the interlands. As soon as he is approached, he asks the player to get him out of his awkward position, since Alexander is stuck in the ground at that point. After the player pulls him out of the ground again, you also get a complete look at Alexander for the first time. In fact, this NPC is a huge pot, which is also equipped with two large arms. Alexander does not have a face. His mission in the interlands is to learn the art of war.

Where can you find Iron Fist Alexander?

As explained earlier, Iron Fist Alexander can be found in several places in the intermediate stores.

1st Meeting

The first time you meet him is in the Northern Storm Hills – near the Place of Mercy, which is close to Saintsbridge. Near this place, you can clearly hear the voice of Alexander, who is calling out loudly for help due to his predicament. To free him, the player just has to hit Alexander’s back a few times with any weapon. After a few hits, he finally gets up, and expresses his deepest gratitude to the player with a „sublime flesh“. Following this, the pot tells the player that he is now about to embark on a journey to Caelid to attend the festival hosted by General Radahn.

2nd meeting

The second time Alexander can be found very close to the Gael tunnel. This tunnel is located on the border between Limgrave and Caelid. To find Alexander there, a certain door in the tunnel must be opened, behind which the giant living pot is located. Once the player has talked to it, the pot will make an appearance at the festival at Red Mane Castle.

3rd meeting

At these festivities at the castle, Alexander can be found and talked to for the third time in the course of the game. Once the player has defeated the „Star Vulture Rahdan“, Alexander can be found again in Liurnia.

4th meeting

For the fourth time, the player meets Alexander when he is in Liurnia, south of Carin’s Teaching Hall. South of the place of mercy located there (at the artist’s hut) Alexander can be found stuck in the ground one more time. To free him this time, however, it’s not enough to simply bang Alexander’s back a few times. First, the player must make a pot of oil. The following items are needed for this:

  • 1x Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [17]
  • 1x Cracked pot
  • 1x Molten Mushroom

Once the pot of oil is made with these items, Alexander can be freed with it one more time.

5th meeting

The fifth meeting between Alexander and the player takes place near Mount Gelmir, which is located at a lava lake, which in turn is south of Ford Laiedd. After the player has again exchanged a few words with the big pot, the latter hands over a helmet to the player. After that, the sixth and final part of the Alexander quest series can finally be started.

6th Meeting

Once the player has defeated all the bosses that can be found on the mountain peaks of the giants, he will reach Farum Azula (relatively late in the game). At the place of mercy, which is located very close to the dragon temple, a dragon must then be defeated. The mist that separates the player from the boss fight there can be crossed by using a stone sword key.

Once the dragon is defeated, Alexander can be encountered for the sixth and final time in the game. He is located in the northwestern area of the temple near an elevator. As soon as the player approaches him there, he challenges the latter to an honorable duel. After defeating the talking pot, you get Alexander’s entrails as a reward, as well as Alexander’s shard.

This shard is a talisman that increases the damage dealt to the player by 15 percent. As for Alexander’s entrails, they can be exchanged for another talisman – in Jarburg, at the NPC „Jair Bairn“. After completing another quest line, he will give the player a talisman in exchange for Alexander’s guts, which will increase the damage done by any pots thrown.

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