Who is Iji (Elden Ring)? NPC, Quest, Story, History, Lore

Iji, the Master Blacksmith, is an NPC that players can encounter in Elden Ring, the open-world role-playing game from FromSoftware. The character is a giant who, as a blacksmith, can improve weapons and equipment. For players of the Dark Souls games, Iji’s figure is a little fanservice, since in the first Dark Souls there was also a forging giant that could be found in the castle of Anor Londo.

Where to find Iji: Elden Ring

Iji is relatively easy to find compared to other NPCs. When players explore the northwestern area in Liurnia of the Lakes, they will find a place of grace aptly named „Road to the Manor.“ Iji sits right next to the place of mercy, engrossed in a book while occasionally banging his blacksmith’s hammer on the anvil with his other hand.

Contrary to his appearance, Iji is very peaceful and cultured. He explains to players that he used to be the blacksmith of the royal Carian family, but simply cannot find satisfaction in retirement. For this reason, he also offers his blacksmithing skills to tainted people. They can improve weapons and armor at Iji’s or add an ash of war to them.

In addition, Iji sells gloomy blacksmithing stones, which are needed for higher upgrades. If you want to spend a few more runes at the friendly blacksmith, you can also buy the Carian filigree talisman from Iji. The talisman lowers the mana consumption of summons and spells when worn. However, in order for Iji to offer the talisman, players must have previously spoken with Blaidd and defeated the Bloodhound Knight Darriwil in the Lost Dog Evergaol in Limgrave. If the players have spoken to Blaidd following the battle, he instructs them to find Iji and tell him that Blaidd sent them. In return, Iji offers the talisman for one-time purchase.

War Counselor Iji

After players explore the Carian family estate in the northwest of Liurnia of the Lakes, they enter an area called „The Three Sisters.“ In this area, giant crystals sprout from the ground and a bad-tempered dragon also stomps through the area. However, the area is named after three towers that the stained can explore.

Once they’ve found Ranni’s Ascension and spoken to the bluish shimmering witch for the first time, Ranni offers players the chance to become part of her entourage. If the players agree, they get to know Ranni’s followers. In addition to the wolfman Blaidd and a scholar named Seluvis, players will also find Iji. However, he doesn’t have the title of master blacksmith here, but is instead Ranni’s war advisor.

If the players follow Ranni’s quest line and have already defeated Captain Radahn in the quest for the eternal city of Nokron, they can return to Iji. He congratulates the players on their progress and tells them that they need to head to Nokron on their own.

After the players find the Eternal City of Nokron and take the Fingerslayer Blade, they should visit the Lost Dog Evergaol once again. Even though Darriwil has been defeated, the prison has gained a new inmate in the form of the sword warrior Blaidd. Blaidd mentions that Iji imprisoned him here, without giving the reasons why.

One last meeting

When the players return to Iji, he explains his actions to them. As a guardian of the Carian family, Iji has watched over Ranni all his life. That’s why he was aware that Blaidd was created by the Greater Will to serve Ranni. But Iji also knew that the Greater Will could take control of objects and people to force them to act. The giant therefore forged a mirror helmet for himself to keep out the influence of the Greater Will.

Iji had also learned that Blaidd was not only placed at Ranni’s side as a protector. He was also to ensure that she did not stray from the path the Greater Will had chosen for her. After all, as a member of the Carian family, Ranni was to become the next queen of the interlands. If she didn’t want to fulfill her destiny, Blaidd would turn into a rampaging beast who would hunt Ranni down.

Iji had locked Blaidd in the Evergaol for this reason, to protect Ranni and Blaidd herself. But after the players handed the Witch the Fingerslayer Blade, it wouldn’t be long before the end came.

Returning to the Three Sisters afterwards, the players find a crazed Blaidd before Ranni’s ascension. The wolf-man can no longer be saved and must be defeated in battle. Once the Tainted are victorious and return to Iji one last time, he declares that he is sorry for the way things have gone. But Iji also says that he will soon follow Blaidd. Teleporting away once afterward and back to the road to the mansion, the players find only Iji’s corpse wrapped in black flames. If they examine the giant’s anvil afterward, they will find Iji’s mirror helmet as well as a bell pendant. Players can return the pendant to the two sisters‘ hulls in the Round Table Fortress to buy from them the things that Master Blacksmith Iji sold when he was alive.

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