Who are the Island Boys? Life, profile, biography

The Island Boys are an amateur rap duo consisting of twin brothers Alex Venegas (stage name: Flyysoulja) and Franky Venegas (stage name: Kodiyakredd).

Island Boys: life, biography, profile

Alex and Franky Venegas were born on July 16, 2001 in the American state of Florida. They grew up with their single mother and still live in Florida. They are 20 years old. Their star sign is Cancer.

According to their own statements, the siblings got into trouble with the law as teenagers. According to this, they both already served prison sentences for burglary, theft and drug use. Police photos published on the Internet seem to support these statements. However, it is not proven whether Alex and Franky Venegas have actually already served time in a prison. Also nothing is known about the time period and the place.

Island Boys: Viral hit on Instagram and YouTube

In mid-2021, the brothers became known across the internet with a rap song that was described as a freestyle. The song, titled „I’m an Island Boy,“ consists of a catchy chorus and incoherent lines. Initially, the brothers presented the song in a short video posted on Alex Venegas‘ Instagram account under the stage name Flyysoulja. Later, an official video for the song was released on their joint YouTube channel „Big Bad Ent.“ „I’m an Island Boy“ has received more than 10 million views there. The YouTube channel itself has 121,000 subscribers.

Flyysoulja released a remix of „I’m an Island Boy“ in January 2022. This song had the same melody, just changed lyrics. The song was called „I’m a Mustang Boy.“

The Island Boys are also extremely active on Instagram and TikTok. Flyysoulja’s TikTok profile is followed by almost 6 million users, and Kodiyakredd’s by almost 3 million. In addition, their Instagram accounts each have more than one million followers.

Island Boys: Appearance

Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd are especially known for their extravagant looks. Their arms, torsos and faces are covered with tattoos, including writings, patterns and signs (for example, stars of various sizes and colors). They also wear colorful dreadlocks that stick out stiffly from their heads and gold, diamond-studded dental jewelry. The dental jewelry is permanently attached, according to the brothers‘ own statements.

Island Boys: OF

In the summer of 2023, the Island Boys attracted attention because of their behavior. They kissed in front of the camera and seemed to have romantic physical contact. This was disturbing and provocative, because they are brothers!

With videos of their behavior, the Island Boys promoted their OF account. (The editors have not seen the content).

Island Boys: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

Instagram Flyysoulja: flyysoulja

Instagram Kodiyakredd: kodiyakredd

YouTube: BigBagEnt

TikTok Flyysoulja: @flyysouljah

TikTok Kodiyakredd: @kodiyakredd

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