What is „Parallel Dating“? Explanation, meaning, definition

„Parallel dating“ is a phenomenon that has primarily gained importance in the age of online dating. Due to the numerous contact opportunities on the Internet, single people are increasingly focusing on getting to know several people. Thus, one speaks of „parallel dating“ when single people do not focus on one person. Different people are met before a decision is made. In this way, it is possible to get to know a larger circle of people. Based on this, single people can weigh up which person is suitable for partnership.

What is „Parallel Dating“? Explanation, meaning, definition

Basically, „parallel dating“ is not a new phenomenon from the digital age. Even decades ago, it was socially tolerated to date multiple people. Only the frequency has intensified in recent years, and that since the online boom in the dating world. While it was common back then to find a partner through work or friends and acquaintances, things look different in the digital age. Surveys have shown that partnerships are increasingly being formed via the Internet. There is no break in the trend in sight, because the world is becoming increasingly digitally networked. This also has consequences for our own lives and love lives.

In the course of this, disadvantages have also arisen. As a result of the high information overload, it is much more difficult to make a decision. Hundreds of people are looking for their fortune on the Internet. That is why „parallel dating“ has become established in online dating. In this way, single people have the chance to meet different people.

Another reason for „parallel dating“ is the higher demands that have resulted from digital dating. On the Internet, profile details, pictures, hobbies or professional aspects can be compared with each other. As a result, single people select according to stricter criteria. Finally, in a few clicks, one can customize the search and choose from hundreds of people who are potential partners.

Procedure in „Parallel Dating“

In „Parallel Dating“ there are basically no fixed rules. This is because it is primarily about meeting several people. The meetings can be arranged or planned flexibly. Singles can date several people over a period of weeks. Contrarily, it is possible to meet several singles in one day. Nevertheless, some behaviors have proven to be efficient to increase success in „parallel dating“. After all, misunderstandings and disappointments can occur.

Among other things, it is significant to formulate one’s own needs and desires in concrete terms. Otherwise, the focus shifts to quantity, not quality. In order to meet adequate people, it is helpful to have clear ideas. These should also be communicated to the outside world. Whether it’s eloquence, shared values, empathy skills or success, there are different focal points that can be set.

The right measure is also crucial. If a relationship of trust develops with a person, it is important to noticeably limit or break off contact with others. Otherwise, the risk of misunderstandings increases. This is because „parallel dating“ can also be perceived in a negative context. This can damage trust and lead to accusations.

Ultimately, openness and honesty play a central role. Singles who address the topic directly and openly ensure a secure basis of trust. This gives the other person the opportunity to decide to what extent he or she wants further contact. This can prevent conflicts in advance, which in turn saves time in the search for a partner.

Differentiation from other relationship forms and terms

„Parallel dating“ is not to be confused with an open relationship or other forms of relationship management. Due to the many neologisms as well as anglicisms, it can happen that terms are used synonymously with each other. In this regard, terms such as „yologamy“ or „benching“ have become widespread. Explanations follow in order to avoid misinterpretations.

The youth word „yologamy“ is an alternative term for an open relationship. Thus, it is not a dating style, but a certain relationship management. The word „Yolo“ is an acronym that stands for „you only live once“. It translates as „you only live once“. It is a casual attitude towards partnerships. Values, such as fidelity or loyalty, have a subordinate role. In an open relationship, it is open to both partners to have another partner on the side. In this regard, there are also open marriages that do not conform to conventional ideas of marriage management. Nevertheless, the focus remains with one partner. Often the contact to other persons is reduced on the gender level.

Contrary to this, there are polyamorous forms of relationships, which are different from the open relationship. It is the opposite of monogamy. Polyamory is a love relationship with several people. In this case, all love partners have a meaning. In some cultures this form of love is tolerated. In this regard, in some countries it is possible to marry several love partners. In such cases, one speaks of polygamy. The word stands for „polygamy.“ The acceptance and tolerance is ultimately dependent on the cultural circle and the social development.

Furthermore, the Anglicism „benching“ has become widespread in recent years. Singles who „bench“ someone make for unclear relationships. The intention behind it is to have a person as a reserve. Often, the search for another partner continues while the „reserve person“ continues to be contacted. Especially in the digital world, the phenomenon has gained momentum. It is a manipulative form of dating, as is „ghosting.“ „Benching“ ultimately has nothing to do with „parallel dating.“ This is because there is no intention to get to know the other person seriously.

Conclusion on „Parallel Dating

Basically, „Parallel Dating“ is an ideal way to improve your own partner search. Hereby singles can collect many impulses before it comes to a final decision. Nevertheless, it is of elementary importance to keep „Parallel Dating“ apart from other terms, such as „Benching“. Along with this, dating should be transparent, honest and fair.

In this way, complications can be prevented. At the same time, the chances of finding the right partner with the help of „parallel dating“ increase. Thus, it is an accepted form of dating, which meets today’s demands. In view of the high flood of information on the Internet, it is much more difficult to select nowadays. The „Parallel Dating“ creates remedy in the digital dating world and offers new chances to improve the partner search.

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