What is the TAM Dance? Meaning, explanation, info

The TAM Dance is a spiritual dance with the aim to reach a meditative state. „TAM“ is the abbreviation for „Transcendental Active Meditation“.

What is the TAM Dance? Meaning, explanation, dance

King Thomas has been going viral on TikTok since February 2023. Along with him, a new phenomenon spread: the TAM Dance. The TAM Dance is mostly livestreams with several people all dancing at the same tempo to a certain sounding music.

On the individual tiles of the split screen of the livestream, you can see the participants of the Tam Dance round. One tile shows the initiator of these dance rounds. This is Thomas Hornauer, an entrepreneur and esotericist. (The 62-year-old earned his fortune through various channels and owns, among other things, his own TV station. More than 10 years ago he founded the holy kingdom Germany. This is about spiritual self-awareness. Since then, Thomas Hornauer lets his followers address him as „King Thomas“).

Whoever enters one of his livestreams or wants to attend them, asks for an audience and has to greet the king appropriately.

Meaning of the TAM Dance

For many friends of classical dance, the demeanor of the participants may seem quite bizarre. Many of the participants move unevenly to the music, wicked tongues might even call it a fidget.

But the dance follows a deeper purpose and is meant to facilitate spiritual self-awareness. The played music consists of an infinitely repeating melody and partly individual interludes of King Thomas.

The name of the dance stands for „Transcendental Active Meditation“. As the name suggests, it is a kind of meditation. The difference to the classical meditation lies in the movement. While in the traditional variant one does not move at all or only very little, the dance is a quite movement-intensive form.

Instructions TAM Dance: Choreography

The dance itself is simple, but the king attaches great importance to a very precise execution of the movements. Basically, you always put your feet on the floor next to each other alternately. At each change there is a slight bouncing with the current standing leg. The movement of the arms is not very important, but can be done.

However, it is much more important to focus on one’s inner center and to feel the forces within oneself. The „King“ emphasizes this fact again and again during his sessions. He also regularly throws people out of his livestream because they don’t follow his instructions properly or don’t know the dance at all.

To perform the dance, you need some space so that you can move freely and without restraint. Otherwise, you can perform the dance in practically any place. Besides, a spiritual place offers itself.

Effect of the TAM Dance

The effect of the dance lies primarily in the self-awareness of the user. Through the constantly repeating movements and the melodies, some of the dancers are said to reach a special state of mind. This state of complete near-self and general self-awareness is said to be relatively easy to achieve through dance.

When one reaches this state and how long one can stay in this stage depends on individual circumstances. Many interested people never reach this state because they do not take it seriously and do not open themselves to the experience.

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