What is the meaning of „HMDL“ abbreviation? Meaning, definition, explanation

„HMDL“ is the abbreviation for the arabic phrase „Hamdulillah“.

What is the meaning of „HMDL“ abbreviation? Meaning, definition, explanation

In social media, HMDL is often used as a hashtag or in chats. Here it is mostly used by young people of arabic or turkish origin. The abbreviation itself is only commonly used in social media, not in the spoken language. In this context, it stands as an abbreviation for Hamdala or Hamdulillah. Both are colloquial short forms for al-hamdu li-llah الحمد لله.

The term „al-hamdu li-llah“ consists of „al,“ the arabic article, „hamd,“ meaning praise and award, the preposition li, meaning „for“ or expressing the dative case, and „Allah,“ the arabic word for God. Translated, the expression means something like, „all praise belongs to God.“ „Thanks be to God“ falls short as a translation; the phrase „praise the Lord“ is closest to the arabic meaning.

„Alhamdulillah“ is the reply to the question about the condition. This is how it finds its way onto Twitter and Instagram. This answer is used completely independently of whether the answerer is well or not. One praises God for everything. In arabic, the phrase is even used at funerals. A meal is also concluded with „alhamdulillah“. It is also used there when someone sneezes.

The religious meaning of alhamdulillah

The frequency of use in Muslim usage has to do with the religious meaning of the words. Even if not everyone who tweets the abbreviation is fully aware of it. Nevertheless, one expresses one’s affiliation with Islam through it.

Alhamdulillah occurs in the first sura of the Koran. It is also used particularly frequently because it is reported in some hadith, traditions from the life of Muhammad. Jabir ibn Abdallah, one of Muhammad’s famous companions, reported that Muhammad said „alhamdulillah“ is the best supplication. In another hadith, Abu Hurairah reported that Muhammad had said that any important matter that was not started with „alhamdulillah“ would remain deficient. Anas ibn Malik relays the following statement by Muhammad: „God is pleased with His servant who says, allhamdulillah, when he takes food and drinks water.“ A source according to Ibn Majah states that Muhammad reported that two angels heard the words and did not know what to record for the speaker. God, he said, told them he would reward the speaker for it on the Last Day. Samurah ibn Jundab says, „The dearest words to Allah are four: SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah; La ilaha illallah and AllahuAkbar.“ Overall, this expresses that what God has given or taken away is the best.

The meaning of these words has already been interpreted by many Islamic scholars.

HMDL in the USA: Risk of confusion

Less well known is the Hunter Mill Defense League, which also abbreviates itself as HMDL. This is a citizens‘ movement in Virginia, USA, that has taken up the cause of environmental protection along Hunter Mill Road and documents the historical significance of the road, which was already used during the American Civil War. According to its own information, the Hunter Mill Defense League is particularly concerned with the interests of the 5,000 people who live along this connecting road.

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