What does 143 / 143637 mean? Meaning and other number codes

The number code 143637 means „I love you forever and always“. „143“ means „I love you“.

143 and 143637: coded love messages: Meaning, explanation, definition

The logic behind the number codes is that the number of letters determines the number. This means that „I“ has one letter and therefore the number 1. „Love“ has four letters and therefore the number 4. „You“ has three letters and therefore the number 3. The number code for „I love you“ is therefore 143.

Another variant of 143 is „831“ or „381“. 831 stands for: Eight letters, three words, one meaning. 381 is the reverse order: three words, eight letters, one meaning. Eight letters and three words means „I love you“. (Here the quantity of letters, words and meaning determines the numbers).

Examples: „143637, baby!“ or „Hey, 143637.“

Application of 143 or 143637: By text message, the numeric code 143 or 143637 is sent to another person to express and express affection and friendly feelings. „143637“ and other numeric codes are particularly efficient linguistically because they have only a few characters and can be interpreted unambiguously. 143637 is thus comparable to „lysm“.

143 / 143637: Meaning, explanation, definition

143 or 143637 replaces sending smileys or emojis. While smileys and emojis always have to be interpreted and it is never 100% clear what is meant to be said, 143637 is a clear message with a clear background.

143637 is also popular because it brings variety to the game. It is an additional way to express one’s feelings. Even though 143 and 143637 are already widely used, there are still people who do not know the codes. With this, secret messages are still a possibility to send.

Other codes like 143 or 143637

  • 143: I love you.
  • 1434: I love you, too.
  • 14324: I love you so much.
  • 14325: I love you to death.
  • 1437: I love you forever.
  • 14643: I will always love you.
  • 1432146: I love you as best friend.
  • 143216: „I love you as a friend“. (Welcome to the Friendzone)

The codes are used to express affection and friendly feelings. They are used among young people who have a deep and trusting as well as emotional friendship.

Other ways to express his affection and feelings are: lysm / lyfsl and BFF.

On social media, the hashtag #143637 is used. On Instagram, there are several thousand posts with the hashtag #143637.

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