What is the „Triangle Method“? Meaning, explanation, definition

The „Triangle Method“ is a subtle flirting trend from the USA that uses a variety of psychological tricks to win over the individual dream partner. The „Triangle Method“ is initially based on the fact that eyes and mouth form a triangle and this area is most frequently looked at during the first eye contact. Through clever facial expressions and gestures, the other person is now to be seduced into a kiss or a closer relationship.

The „Triangle Method“ uses certain non-verbal body signals to convey clear messages to the other person. The still fairly new trend is especially popular in the areas of flirting and dating. However, how the „Triangle Method“ works in detail, where it comes from and where it can be socially classified, the following article will provide further interesting details. In addition, we will take a critical look at the „Triangle Method“.

Definition of the „Triangle Method“

„Triangle Method“ refers to a certain area of the face – namely the eyes and mouth. These parts of the body form an isosceles triangle (ideally) and appear particularly attractive to people around us. Accordingly, this area is often looked at when first getting to know each other. If this area sends out positive signals right at the beginning, this is often a clear sign for the subconscious that mutual sympathy prevails, or that the potential dating partner would be a good match.

The „Triangle Method“ now prescribes a series of certain gestures that must be implemented with this body area. These are primarily non-verbal combinations. If these are successfully implemented, this usually has a very attractive effect on the potential flirting partner, which could result in more from the loose acquaintance.

Origin and meaning of the „Triangle Method“

The „Triangle Method“ originated in 2023 on the social media platform TikTok. Here, self-proclaimed dating coaches and body language experts initially inspired this unique trend. In the process, said groups of users filmed themselves making certain gestures with their mouths and eyes. The original concept of the „Triangle Method“ states, for example, that the counterpart should be looked at confidently (look directly into the eyes). Then the gaze should move back and forth between the eyes of the flirting partner and the mouth. In this way, the impression should be created that one would like a kiss or a closer relationship. Potentially, the „Triangle Method“ then ends in a kiss or at least in a date. The Triangle Method has become a popular way to initiate a relationship.

Use of the „Triangle Method“ in different areas

The following three main areas of use have emerged for the „Triangle Method“ over the past few months:

  • Social media platforms (such as TikTok or Instagram)
  • Dating scene and dating portals
  • (Personality) psychology

In the subsections below, let’s gladly take a deeper look at the main areas of application of the „Triangle Method“ mentioned above.

Social Media

On social media the „Triangle Method“ is currently experiencing a huge hype. It is being promoted by well-known influencers. Short videos on TikTok or Instagram are usually used for this purpose, in which the functionality of the „Triangle Method“ is first explained. The influencers then encourage people to try out the new method for themselves in their everyday lives or when they go out. Through the additional use of the wording „Triangle Method“ in the form of video and image descriptions, in the form of hashtags and in comments, the method spreads virally and gradually spills over into other areas of daily life.

Dating scene

The „Triangle Method“ is just as popular in the dating scene itself. Here it is taught and promoted by leading dating coaches. In addition, the „Triangle Method“ is now also used on dating platforms where new members can be met or dated via video telephony. The „Triangle Method“ turns out to be a new kind of flirting trend that is becoming more and more common.


Psychology has recently recognized the truth of the „Triangle Method“. In fact, it is possible to manipulate the subconscious of the other person (if there is at least basic sympathy) by using the „Triangle Method“. In this way a kiss can be provoked or a further acquaintance can be made possible. The reason for this is that people pay attention primarily to nonverbal signals and process them subconsciously.

Social classification of the „Triangle Method“

Although the „Triangle Method“ is becoming known through all ages and walks of life, it is especially hyped among younger generations, such as Generation Y and Alpha. This is due to the fact that said generations are the main target groups for the social media platforms TikTok and Instagram. In this way, said individuals naturally come into contact with the new method much faster. Therefore, the „Triangle Method“ is usually not understood by older persons.

Critical view of the „Triangle Method“

The „Triangle Method“ is mainly criticized for the fact that these nonverbal signals are cleverly used to manipulate the other person. This could also be used in situations that do not serve flirting or dating at all, but have exploitative backgrounds. Likewise, the „Triangle Method“ seems quite superficial, as little attention would be paid to what the other person is saying. Moreover, in the eyes of critics, the „Triangle Method“ could lead to neglecting authentic communication and genuine connections. The social classification also shows that it is particularly appealing to younger generations, which can be attributed to the strong influences of social media platforms, which is also criticized by critics.

Conclusion on the „Triangle Method“ and similar terminology

In summary, the „Triangle Method“ can be described as a new flirting and dating trend from the USA, in which non-verbal communication is deliberately used to positively influence the other person. In concrete terms, a kiss is to be provoked by moving the gaze back and forth between the eyes and mouth of the other person.

Related to the new „Triangle Method“ are, for example, „Ghosting“ and „Slow Dating“. While „ghosting“ refers to the sudden disappearance of a person without any explanation or communication, „slow dating“ refers to the long-term and in-depth getting to know of a person for the purpose of building a quality relationship. Slow dating“ is thus in direct contrast to „speed dating“.

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