What is „Quiet Luxury“? Meaning, definition, explanation

The term „Quiet Luxury“ describes a kind of luxury that keeps a low profile and doesn’t try to stand out with big logos, typical prints or loud statement pieces. It is much more about the personal feeling and enjoyment of luxury. Quiet Luxury“ is therefore not about what others think and that people know how expensive your outfit was, but much more about feeling good about yourself through appealing design, the highest quality and special workmanship.

Where does the term „Quiet Luxury“ come from?

A more appropriate term would probably be „discreet exclusivity“. The word „understatement“ is also often mentioned in connection with „Quiet Luxury“ and describes a similar concept in which one does not „let wealth or ability hang out“, but uses it exclusively for one’s own well-being and to satisfy or fulfil one’s own wishes and needs. However, in contrast to „Quiet Luxury“, „Understatement“ does not only refer to clothing and accessories, but also includes standard of living, behaviour and, for example, vehicles and hobbies.

How can you recognise „Quiet Luxury“?

Since „Quiet Luxury“ is about a private, personal form of living out wealth, it is not always easy to recognise „Quiet Luxury“ as such. In most cases, outfits worn by people who live according to „Quiet Luxury“ are simple and inconspicuous, there are no or only very discreet logos visible and there is hardly anything else to indicate the value of the outfits or accessories. Especially for people who are not as wealthy themselves as people who live „Quiet Luxury“, it is often impossible to identify luxurious items as such. This discretion promotes the exclusivity of „Quiet Luxury“, as only connoisseurs – people who are „in“ – recognise the brands and garments. „Quiet Luxury“ thus almost becomes something like a secret code.

Indications that could speak for „Quiet Luxury“ are, for example, very high-quality materials such as cashmere, silk or certain types of wool. Particularly well-fitting garments could also give an indication of the value of the goods. In addition, the trend focuses on timeless style with simple, classic colours, styles and cuts – garments such as woollen coats, simple jumpers, plain T-shirts, cigarette or Marlene trousers, classic blouses and shirts as well as discreet blazers and jackets are part of the standard equipment of „Quiet Luxury“. Mostly, the individual garments are single-coloured – classic or colours such as dark blue, black, white, beige, grey, cream or red are popular – or have only very discreet, tastefully coloured or classic patterns such as checks, pinstripes, houndstooth or individual decorative elements. Less is more“ is also the motto for shoes and bags at „Quiet Luxury“. By avoiding large logos, flashy colours, eye-catching platforms or particularly high heels, bags and shoes also blend discreetly into the timeless look and make it easy for the wearer to be perfectly dressed in any situation.

Which brands are particularly popular in the world of „Quiet Luxury“?

Especially in the fashion world, many of the „Quiet Luxury“ brands are rather unknown to most people. Khaite, The Row, Totême or Ganni are some names that are known for their timeless „Quiet Luxury“ pieces. Somewhat better known examples of „Quiet Luxury“ are fashion brands such as Loro Piana or LOEWE. Made-to-measure pieces also play a big role in „Quiet Luxury“ – after all, personal comfort and one’s own well-being are in the foreground, and money plays a role in the selection of the garment in very few cases.

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