What is Just J January? What does JJJ mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

At its core, JJJ is about self-gratification every day. (That’s all it is).

What is Just J January? JJJ, meaning, definition, explanation.

The three J’s stand for „Just Jaxx January.“ The verb in the middle stands for the activity of masturbation.

Update: There are two more months that begin with „j“: June and July. So, „Just J June“ and „Just J July.“ So, it may happen that the JJJ-trend or JJJ-challenge also takes place in the summer months.

There are no rules for the JJJ except just the one: get it yourself every day.

Reasons for and goals of the JJJ are unknown to the editors. There don’t seem to be any either. Thus the „JJJ“ seems to be simply an Internet joke and should not be taken seriously.

The idea of the „JJJ“ borrows from the NNN (No Nut November) and the DDD (Destroy Dick December).

The idea of „JJJ“ seems to have spread on the Internet and social media (most notably TikTok). The editors base this on the fact that, as of Jan. 1, 2023, Google-Germany searches for „JJJ“ surged.

The hashtag #JJJ was used on TikTok over 270 million times. A clear assignment to „Just J January“ is not possible, because many different videos can be found for the hashtag.

Note: The editors intentionally do not use the English word for masturbation, because this is one of the bad words and this reduces the advertising revenue of the website. Since you can this text for free, advertising is one of the few revenues of this website.

What else does JJJ mean? Who is JJJ?

JJJ is a Japanese hip-hop and J-pop rapper. He was born in 1989.

„JJJ“ is the abbreviation used in the US NBA for professional basketball player Jaren Jackson Jr (junior).

The JJJ Trio is a musical group focusing on Latin and Caribbean rhythms and music. Members of the JJJ Trio are: João Gomes, Joey Becker and Jasper Hanel.

The fictional character „J. Jonah Jameson“ (from Spiderman) is also abbreviated as JJJ. J. Jonah Jameson is the editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle newspaper. He is the boss of Peter Parker.

The Japanese market „Jalan Jalan Japan“ is also abbreviated as JJJ.

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