What is „Boyfriend Air“? Meaning, explanation, definition

Behind the term „boyfriend air“ is the idea that women should fear disadvantages for their health, beauty, skin and hair if they stay overnight with their male friends or male partner.

It may sound bizarre, but the topic is on the minds of many people in social media. That’s why we write or rather talk about it.

What is „Boyfriend Air“? Meaning, explanation, definition

The term „boyfriend air“ should not be understood literally, but more in the sense of „boyfriend atmosphere“ or as „boyfriend environment“.

„Boyfriend Air“ is about the fact that the presence in the apartment of the male partner can have a negative impact on the beauty, skin and hair of a woman. This is especially true for couples who do not live together. The effect occurs when women visit their partner’s apartment.

Cause of the „Boyfriend Air“: reports on social media spread the idea of the Boyfriend Air. Among other things, women reported on TikTok that they had to deal with house messes and greasy hair after visiting their boyfriend and also spending the night there.

Women who talked about the „Boyfriend Air“ noted that they looked better before staying at the boyfriend’s apartment and somehow lost their shine.

It’s not because of the air, but there are reasons why staying with your partner can have negative effects on your skin and hair:

Reasons for Boyfriend Air

1. Those who stay at their boyfriend’s house usually use different care products here than at home. These new and unfamiliar care products can cause skin blemishes and irritation.

2. the hygiene of the boyfriend is crucial. How often he showers, grooms and shaves is crucial. Also important is how often he changes his bedding and washes towels. This is because old bed linen contains sweat and this can also cause skin irritation.

If you feel uncomfortable here, you should use your own towels at the boyfriend or ask for new towels.

3. there are other eating and drinking habits with the boyfriend. Perhaps one consumes more alcohol, eats more greasy and salty or snacks more. This can also affect the skin.

It should be noted here that bad habits can rub off. Without realizing it, you adopt bad habits.

4. perhaps one gives itself less trouble on its appearance to pay attention, if one has a friend. If you no longer carry out habitual care, you have to expect that this will show on your skin.

5. maybe it is also due to the care products of the man (boyfriend). These may contain perfumes or other substances.

6. the man may use a different detergent that may irritate the skin.

Conclusion: what is „boyfriend air“?

Purely scientifically speaking: The idea of boyfriend air sounds crazy at first, but there are clues as to why women should fear that their hygiene standards will suffer and they will lose some beauty.

Here, however, as so often in life, helps: Talk! The boyfriend should be approached about the „boyfriend air“. Not as an accusation, but the desire should be expressed, for fresh towels, fresh bed linen or certain care products. This is only fair, as the Boyfriend never had any malicious intent.

What is „Girlfriend Air“? Meaning, explanation, definition

„Girlfriend Air“ from the perspective of women emphasizes the positive influence women have on male behavior. This positive influence can be: Men pay more attention to cleanliness and hygiene, they pay more attention to tidiness and more attention to self-care. They develop a skin-cleaning and skin-care routine. Men with a girlfriend may also make an effort, try harder, and tend to „hang out“ less.

More on Boyfriend Air

On TikTok, the hashtag #boyfriendair has had over 39 million videos posted. „Boyfriend Air“ is thus a topic of concern.

There are only 1.3 million videos on TikTok for the hashtag #girlfriendair. „Girlfriend Air“ is becoming a topic, but only slowly. (Both as of March 2023)

The editors suspect it’s because of the different hygiene standards of the partners. Just think about how many grooming products a woman has and how many a man has.

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