What is a Pick Me Boy? Meaning, explanation, definition

A pick me boy is a boy or young man who wants and seeks attention from female friends. After getting the attention, he either tries to date the young woman or wants to be accepted, recognized and admired for what he is or does.

What is a Pick Me Boy? Meaning, explanation, definition

„Pick me Boys“ try to get attention and land with women via the pity tour.

A Pick-Me-Boy does a lot to get attention from female friends.

Typical Pick-Me-Boy behavior:

  • He belittles himself and talks badly about himself. This is done with the intention that the girl contradicts him. (If she heard it, that is).
  • He says about himself that he is so „nice“ and no one wants to go out with him.
  • Pick Me Boys repeatedly state that they are not like the others. (They are much nicer!)
  • They constantly apologize for their behavior.
  • Constant attempts to contact them / They constantly send text messages / They comment on every social media post.

On TikTok, the „pick me“ behavior of young men is a particularly strong theme.

Pick Me Boys: psychology, explanation

The term „Pick-Me-Boy“ is used in a negative context. This is because the pick-me-boy does not actually have any desirable qualities. He is pushy, aloof and uninteresting. Even more so, he has little self-awareness and little perception of social structures. He has no perception of when he is annoying, when he is unpleasant, or how he affects others. A pick-me-boy knows no boundaries and no end. He just doesn’t stop. (This can get very uncomfortable and it sometimes leads to the only way to save yourself from a Pick-Me-Boy is to block him).

Instead of working on their self-esteem or pursuing a hobby, Pick-Me-Boys invest a lot of their time in another person. This is unhealthy and not in the spirit of the thing. After all, if a Pick-Me-Boy ever reflects on his behavior, he will realize that he has not achieved his goals. The pity party may be enough for brief attention, but it is not enough for a romantic relationship.

However, the „Pick Me Boy“ must also be defended here. Because he believes that he gives and does his best within the scope, of his possibilities. Unfortunately, not very successful and he still has a lot to learn.

Tip: If you are a „Pick Me Boy“, then do it like Super Mario. First comes success, then comes status, and then comes women. (Mario always finds Princess Peach at the end of an adventure.) So work on yourself, find an exciting hobby, learn something and make something of yourself. The thing with the women settles so much easier. Because women love interesting and self-confident men, men with personality. It’s as simple as that.

The Pick Me Boy is related to the Simp and the Nice Guy.

The female counterpart to the Pick Me Boy is the Pick Me Girl.

What does Pick Me Boy mean? Meaning, explanation

„Pick Me“ means „take me“. The best way to understand the exclamation „Pick me“ is to combine it with a student who is vying for the teacher’s attention or who desperately wants to be chosen for a team in gym class. He is so committed and so desperate at the same time.

„Pick Me Boy“ originated in the black U.S. internet scene. In 2016, the Internet joke spread here that participants wrote under the hashtag #TweetLikeAPickMe about people who do everything for the attention and recognition of others. The term „pick me“ became popular at the time.

In 2018, the phenomenon became popular again on the Internet and in 2021 it reached TikTok. On TikTok, the „Pick Me“ phenomenon was divided into „Pick me Girls“ and „Pick me Girls“ to address the behavior of both genders.

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