What does the thread / yarn emoji đŸ§” mean? Explanation, meaning, definition

The thread emoji / yarn emoji đŸ§” is a small, digital image of a spool on which a blue thread or yarn is rolled up. The type of thread or yarn depicted in the emoji is mostly used for sewing, for example, to sew pieces of fabric together for clothing or to darn holes in socks, for example.

The đŸ§” emoji can be used when you send a message about sewing, when you talk about mending something – it doesn’t necessarily have to be about fabric, it can also be about a relationship, for example – or when you talk about broken clothes that you want to fix. The thread emoji is often used together with the scissors emoji, since thread or yarn is mainly cut with scissors, especially when talking about needlework.

Twitter: thread emoji / yarn emoji đŸ§”: explanation, meaning

On Twitter, the yarn emoji đŸ§” is used to indicate that someone wants to express or expresses himself in several coherent and consecutive tweets on a matter.

The thread emoji đŸ§” here indicates that there is a thread to follow. A „thread“ is, for example, forum posts in which two or more writers exchange ideas about a topic and go through it together.

Technical data / info: Thread Emoji / Yarn EmojiđŸ§”

The thread emoji or yarn emoji đŸ§” has been around since 2018, and was released in May in Unicode version 11.0 and emoji version 11.0.

The thread emoji is located in the activities category.

Combinations with the thread emoji đŸ§”

Combinations with other emojis, so-called kaomojis, are especially popular in Japan and are also increasingly used in our latitudes. Kaomojis are combinations of two or more emojis that can either change the meaning of the emoji altogether (for example, the eggplant emoji combined with the water drop emoji has nothing to do with vegetables or water, but is mostly used to flirt), or extend the original meaning.

In the case of the thread emoji, these combinations are mostly created to show what you are sewing or mending. For example, the thread emoji is used with a dress emoji đŸ§”đŸ‘—, a pants emoji or a shirt emoji when you want to sew or mend a dress, pants or shirt.

Furthermore, there is also a whole emoji sewing kit: đŸ§¶âœ‚ïžđŸ§”đŸ§·đŸȘĄ.

The magic spindle looks like this đŸ§”đŸȘ„.

When combined with a knot emoji, it is referred to as a knot in the yarn and when combined with the magic wand emoji, it could be referred to as a magic spool. Most commonly, the clock emoji, scissors emoji, all clothes emoji, wax crayon emoji, artist palette emoji, DNA emoji, and prayer beads emoji are used together with the thread emoji.

Does the thread emoji look the same everywhere?

No. Each operating system and often each platform has its own style for the emojis. For example, WhatsApp’s emojis look different from Facebook’s emojis. In addition, the emojis on, for example, an Apple device in WhatsApp may look different than the emojis of WhatsApp in an Android device. Nevertheless, all emojis, regardless of the operating system or platform, are designed in such a way that you can definitely recognize them and use them the way you are used to from the platform or device you normally use.

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