What does „Pootin“ mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

The English term „Pootin“ is a derogatory, pejorative, and defamatory term for the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.

Note: This article reports on the use and dissemination of the expression „Pootin“. The article is not an expression of opinion.

What does „Pootin“ mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

The term „Pootin“ is composed of the word „Poo“ and Putin’s last name. The expression „poo“ means „poop“. So, it is a rather vulgar expression that can be understood insultingly. In any case, the expression expresses contempt and rejection to disrespect.

After Russia’s attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the expression „pootin“ spread widely in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Poland, India, and Sweden. (Source: Google Trends) (Another expression that spread was „Putler„).

The term „Pootin“ is used by people who oppose Vladimir Putin, the attack on Ukraine and his policies. In particular, on social media you can find people who directly address Vladimir Putin as „Pootin“ in their messages or who talk about him as „Pootin“.

The term „Pootin“ became widespread in response to the Russian attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2022. However, the expression was also known and widespread before that. Here, however, there may be some confusion. For in the southern U.S., the term „Pootin“ or „Pootine“ was a regional slang term for flatulence or farting. (This is shown by old entries on Urban Dictionary.) This also explains why a bathroom room spray called „Pootin“ was marketed.

Further meaning of Pootin

A wide variety of results can be found on the Internet for the expression „Pootin“. For example, a 3D image and print of a pile of feces on which the face of Vladimir Putin was applied spread.

Attention: The expression „Pootin“ should not be confused with the word „Poutine“. („Poutine“ is a Canadian fast food dish).

Editor’s critique: The Russian attack on Ukraine was received with bewilderment, outrage and anger by many. So it stands to reason that people would want to insult and disparage this adversary. But this may be too short-sighted, because there will be a world after the war and Russia and Vladimir Putin will be part of this world.

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