What does Ohana mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

The word „Ohana“ comes from the Hawaiian language and means „family“ in english.

What does Ohana mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

The exact meaning of „ohana“ is „extended family. Thus, the term „Ohana“ also includes people with whom there is no kinship, but trust, connection or love. Ohana thus also counts friends as family and all those who mean something to one.

People who have become part of the ohana, but with whom one is not related by blood, are also called „hanai.“ „Hanai“ means something like „adopted.“ (This should not be understood in a legal sense, but rather a spiritual sense).

In Hawaii and in Hawaiian culture, the ohana has a high value.

The word „Ohana“ is written in english with a capital „O“ as the first letter, but it actually has an apostrophe at the beginning: ‚Ohana.

The word „Ohana“ became known worldwide through the movie „Lilo & Stitch“ in 2002. In the movie, Lilo says, „Ohana means family. Family means that everyone sticks together and is there for each other.“ (Stitch also says the same phrases later.) (Editor’s comment: This gave a good explanation of what a family is and should do).

Origin of the word „Ohana

The word „ohana“ comes from the roots of the taro plant, which is common in Hawaii. These are called ‚oha-ana. ‚Oha is the name given to the shoot of the plant. This is the part that is cut away, replanted and from which a new plant (and thus a new generation) grows. The word „ana“ means reproduction, offspring or renewal.

For Polynesians (the Hawaiians are Polynesians), the connection to nature is very important. They don’t look at nature as a resource like people in the West do, but for them nature is part of their family. This leads to a different way of dealing with plants, animals and nature itself. It leads to appreciation and respect.

Other meaning of Ohana

„Ohana“ is also known as a last name.

„Adventure ‚Ohana“ is a movie that was released on Netflix in 2021. The movie is set on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu.

„Ohana“ is an episode of the series „Hawaii Five-0“.

„OHANA“ is a social enterprise founded in 2018.

To the world of Pokémon games, „Ohana“ is a village on the island of Akala. It is located in the Alola region.

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