What does IJBOL mean? Meaning, explanation, definition

IJBOL is the abbreviation for „I just burst out laughing“. I just burst out laughing“ means „I just had to laugh“ or „I just started laughing“.

IJBOL is comparable to LOL and LMAO. But there is more behind IJBOL.

What does IJBOL mean? Meaning, explanation, definition

IJBOL means a loud laugh that just bursts out of you. It is a laugh that comes over someone just so suddenly. This can be inappropriate or even embarrassing for others. When you write IJBOL, you mean that something was very funny and you laughed out loud.

IJBOL is pronounced „eej-bowl.“

IJBOL is supposed to be more precise than LOL. Because let’s face it, people who write LOL are usually not sitting in front of their smartphones or computers laughing out loud.

IJBOL is widespread among Generation Z. Here it even serves as a replacement for LOL, ROFL and LMAO, as well as for the laughing smiley with tears. (As a replacement for the laughing smiley with tears 😂 the generation uses the skull 💀. This is used in the sense of, I’m laughing my head off.)

In addition, IJBOL has the function delimiting between the generations. Who uses IJBOL (and also feels), which gives to understand that he or she is not a Millenial.

Who writes IJBOL in text messages, gives others to understand that something was very funny and you had to laugh out loud. But IJBOL is also written simply as a reaction in chat or in the comments column. Here, too, you indicate that you are very amused by what you have just read or seen.

IJBOL can also be understood that one has finally found something funny while scrolling.

History / Origin: IJBOL

Since the years 2020 and 2021 the abbreviation IJBOL is spreading. At that time, the expression first spread among K-Pop fans. Meanwhile, many people know IJBOL and among K-pop fans the expression is still very popular.

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