What does Destroy Dick December (DDD) mean? meaning, definition, explanation

„Destroy Dick December“ is the joking overreaction and backlash to „No Nut November.“

What does Destroy Dick December (DDD) mean? meaning, definition, explanation

While No Nut November is about men practicing abstinence throughout the month of November, Destroy Dick December is about the exact opposite. Men are supposed to masturbate every day and the day determines the number: On the first day of December, once. On the second day of December, twice. On the third day of December, three times. On the fourth day of December, four times. etc. On the 31st day 31 times.

„Destroy Dick December“ should not be taken seriously. It is a joking exaggeration.

In some cases, the „Destroy Dick December“ is referred to as a reward for a successful „No Nut November“.

The „Destroy Dick December“ is also abbreviated with three D’s, thus: DDD.

Destroy Dick December (DDD): meaning, definition, explanation

Destroy Dick December is an overreaction to No Nut November. While the „No Nut November“ represents the total renunciation, the „Destroy Dick December“ demands to let oneself go, to be unrestrained and to give in to every urge. Yes, the „Destroy Dick December“ even calls for overdoing it and forcing masturbation.

The „Destroy Dick December“ can be called shock therapy (in the general sense). While the total renunciation in „No Nut November“ leads to habits being stopped and, in the best case, reconsidered, the „Destroy Dick December“ wants habits to be so exaggerated that they lose their effect and someone loses the desire for the habit. The point is to devalue even seemingly normal habits by overdoing them. (Editor’s note: We interpret benevolently).

Is Destroy Dick December (DDD) even possible? Answer: No!

Pulling off the „Destroy Dick December“ is impossible. This is due to several reasons: The sensitivity of the nerves would be so lowered that no excitement would be felt. The skin and nerves would be so overloaded and overstimulated that they would become damaged, bruised, inflamed, and sore. (In the worst case, edema could even occur.) Renewed touch would be experienced as very painful. (No further masturbation is possible in this context.) Also, the visual stimuli would lose their effect over time.

The recommendations in „Destroy Dick December“ are also not scientifically based, but stem from simple language logic. The number of days determines how often someone should masturbate.

If we add up all 31 days, we get the incredible number of 496. That alone should convince you to laugh at Destroy Dick December instead of taking it seriously.

Destroy Dick December: Distribution

„Destroy Dick December“ is a relatively new phenomenon. For the first time, the phrase „Destroy Dick December“ received significant searches on Google-Germany in December 2017, then in 2018 the queries increased above the level of 2017. Now in 2019, there are even more searches for „Destroy Dick December“. (Source: Google Trends)

The increasing searches for „Destroy Dick December“ show that the idea, joke, and meme of „Destroy Dick December“ is spreading.

For the first time, the idea and meme of „Destroy Dick December“ appeared on Instagram on November 10, 2018. There, user @rapper2k published a post with the text that people should forget about No Nut November and get ready for Destroy Dick December. Via Reddit, the idea and the meme spread.

On social media, posts on the topic are circulating under the hashtag #DestroyDickDecember.

Please don’t take Destroy Dick December seriously! Don’t.

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