What does abow mean? Meaning, explanation, translation

„Abow“ is Swedish and translates into English as „wow“ and „damn“.

What does „abow“ mean? Meaning, explanation, translation

„Abow“ is said when you are shocked and surprised by something. „Abow“ is used as an interjection to express surprise.

However, „abow“ is also used to express that someone looks very good.

The word „abow“ expresses amazement, excitement, and fright. If someone experiences or sees something unusual, impressive, or exciting, the person may say „abow“ to it. (So it was „wow“ for them).

„Abow“ is used in comments on social media. It can be increased like followed:

  • Aboww
  • Abowww
  • Abowwww
  • abowwwww
  • abowwwwww…
  • aboow
  • abooow
  • etc.

„Abow“ is not an original Swedish word. Immigrants from the Middle East are said to have brought this word to Sweden. The exact roots of „Abow“ are said to be in Turkish or Arabic.

Abow on TikTok:

A soundtrack from the song „Abow“ by ShantiiP X TarioP was popular on TikTok in 2022.

The following was sung:

He told me throw it back, abow
So I sit this motherf_r on his lap, abow

Other meaning of Abow

„Abow“ is a song by Summer Cem. It is the second song on the album Hak. „Hak“ came out in 2014, find out what „Hak“ means here.

„Throw It Back (Abow)“ is a song by ShantiiP X TarioP. It was released in 2022.

„Abow“ is a Bavarian research and innovation project. „Abow“ stands for „Alternative weed management in orchards and vineyards (with ecologically harmless substances and an alternative mulching method based on renewable raw materials).“

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