What does a yellow heart emoji đź’› mean? Meaning, explanation

The heart is the symbol of love. A yellow heart stands for a special kind of love, which can be meant only between certain people or to a certain thing. It stands for loving friendship. A yellow heart is used in social media and likewise in text messages to people to whom one is affectionate. The yellow heart is a friendly, kind and honest symbol of loving affection for a particular person. However, it also expresses happiness and joy of life, so it also stands for something that gives extra pleasure or just makes you happy.

In social media or even in text messages, symbols are used for a reason. In order to convey a certain message, they are also changed and vary in color, for example. It’s the same with the yellow heart. Whoever uses it wants to send a clear message. It is: You belong to my loved one. Whether it is a family member or a friend is irrelevant. Because the yellow heart does not stand for physical love, but for platonic love. The people to whom a yellow heart is sent are important in the life of the sender – or are to become so.

What does a yellow heart emoji đź’› mean? Meaning, explanation

Yellow is the color equivalent of gold. A yellow heart is actually a gold heart. This equation already suggests that the yellow heart in a text message is a loving signal. It stands for friendship, but also for happiness, joy and optimism.

With the yellow heart you tell a virtual acquaintance that you like them very much. But not in a romantic or even physical sense. However, the emoji is also suitable for wishing someone happiness. A yellow heart as a symbol reinforces written good wishes.

A yellow heart stands for everything that has to do with friendship, happiness and joy of life. If you want a good friend to know that he is currently missing, a yellow heart can be added to the message. If he should know that he is the best, a yellow heart shows him that. But the yellow heart also clearly indicates to him that he is simply „just“ a friend.

Yellow hearts (emoji) đź’›can be combined

A yellow heart can stand alone. However, it can also be doubled or tripled and then signifies a reinforcement of a good wish or kind thoughts. Three yellow hearts in a row show the recipient of a text message that the sender wishes him very good luck with something. The hearts then stand for a friendly toi, toi, toi.

If you want to express how much you like a certain thing or that you are happy with it, you can combine two emojis. For example, an emoji for a meal or a drink, for a sporting activity or another leisure activity together with a yellow heart signals that exactly this one particular thing gives a lot of pleasure and makes you happy.

Yellow heart emoji đź’›: Being in love is different from being in love (explanation, meaning)

Physical love is something different from being in love with someone or something. The yellow heart represents the latter meaning. One can be in love with a best friend without ever being physically close to him. But one can also be in love with a certain pair of shoes or be infatuated with a certain perfume. In all cases, this feeling is marked with a yellow heart. If this feeling is deep, it can also be underlined with several yellow hearts.

The yellow heart thus describes in all harmlessness a loving affection, which can apply to a sister as well as to a best friend. So, if you want more from another person than a friendly relationship, you should not resort to the yellow heart. For this, there are other symbols and emojis that do not leave the recipient in the dark.

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