What does a purple heart emoji 💜 mean? Meaning, explanation

Purple heart has several meanings: It can stand for connection and compassion, but also signal a sexual interest. Occasionally it is used to express wealth and glamour. In the US, it is also associated with a military award, the Purple Heart, given to wounded or killed soldiers to honor their service.

What does a purple heart emoji 💜 mean? Meaning, explanation

Sent between friends or girlfriends, the purple heart represents sympathy and support in difficult situations. It expresses compassion and understanding. In a friendly context, the purple heart testifies to succor and connection.

If it is sent as part of a flirtation, the sender simply expresses his sexual interest with the purple heart. In this context, it embodies affection and is an erotic approach.

For celebrities, the purple heart is in turn an expression of wealth and glamour. Those who send a purple heart in this context add glamor to themselves and show that they are wealthy.

The various uses of the purple heart emoji 💜 go back to the richness of meaning of the color purple.

Purple heart 💜 and BTS

The purple heart 💜 is used as a fan recognition sign of the Kpop band BTS. It is also used on „Purple Day“ on March 26.

The purple heart has been associated with BTS since around 2016. At that time, a BTS member used the purple heart to express the attachment and love to the fans. This led to fans adopting the purple heart.

What does the color purple mean?

Purple is derived from the complementary colors red and blue. As a combination of opposites – the energy and power of the color red with the coolness and calmness of the color blue – purple stands for individuality and self-confidence, among other things. This is what the sexual use of the purple heart emoji refers to. However, in its sexual connotation, purple also stands for gender equality as well as strength and independence. Therefore, purple is also the color of feminism.

Purple also stands for passion and magic or mysticism. A spiritual, meditative effect is attributed to this color and it is reflected in the clothing of numerous religious dignitaries.

In some cultures, however, purple is the color of mourning, fear and sin. This is apparently where the significance of the purple heart emoji as an expression of compassion and succor comes from.

About the purple heart emoji 💜

The purple heart emoji 💜 was introduced and released in Unicode 6.0 in 2010. Depending on the platform and operating system, its purple tone is slightly different. Either the purple is lighter or darker. Also, depending on the operating system and platform, whether the heart has a border or not varies.

Conclusion: meaning / explanation purple heart (emoji) 💜

Originally, purple was an expensive color. Therefore, it is often associated with luxury and extravagance, but also with power. Accordingly, the purple heart emoji stands for glamor and wealth, although in this meaning it is used only by celebrities, that is, influential people.

The ambiguity and ambivalence of the color purple accounts for the different uses of the purple heart emoji. Its meaning is therefore dependent on relationship and context.

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