What does 1437 mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

The meaning of 1437 abbreviation is „I love you forever“.

What does 1437 mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

The numbers in the numeric code are based on the number of words. The word „I“ has one letter and this is coded with a one (1). The word „love“ has four letters and therefore gets the number four (4). The word „you“ has three letters and therefore receives the number three (3). The last word „forever“ has seven letters and therefore receives the number seven (7).

1437 on WhatsApp / TikTok: Meaning, explanation

On WhatsApp, the code „1437“ is said to be particularly popular. Here it has the same meaning as described above: „I love you forever“.

On TikTok, 1437 is widespread. Here, the code is used in videos and comments. But also at the end of messages the code is put to send a dear message.

The hashtag #1437 has been used over 79 million times on TikTok.  The hashtag #1437🖤 (yes with heart) has been used over 53,000 times.

Other variations of 1437 include:

143637: „I love you always and forever.“

143: „I love you.“

14344: „I love you very much.“

381: „I love you.“

You can find more variants here.

Alternatively, 831 also means „I love you“. But here the numbers have a different meaning. The eight (8) stands for all letters in the statement. The three (3) stands for the number of words in the statement.  The one (1) stands for the sentence.

What does 1437 / „I love you forever“ mean? Meaning, translation

„I love you forever“ is a statement to express affection, trust and attachment. When someone says this to a person, it is expressed that one likes the other person very much, appreciates and enjoys spending time with him. Such expressions of affection and trust strengthen the relationship and bond between (two) people. They can make one feel supported, inspired and valued.

However, a small caveat must be made: 1437 as a message to express familiarity and appreciation only works if someone knows and understands the numerical code. Also, this kind of message should be nothing unusual for a recipient or a receiver of this message. So, the message 1437 will reach its goal if the recipient has an affinity for communication in numerical codes.

So, if you get the abbreviation 1437 sent by text messenger (for example, WhatsApp), you may calmly understand this as an expression of affection.

The expression 1437 also has another advantage: it is language-efficient. This means that you can say with four characters what would otherwise take 18 characters. However, one would also have to ask here, if the other person is so appreciative, why doesn’t he take the trouble and type all the characters instead of an abbreviation?

1437 also has another advantage. It is clearly recognizable and distinguishable from other codes. Thus, it leaves no room for interpretation as to what might be meant by the numbers. Thus, 1437 has something that connects people internationally.

Further meaning of 1437

In esotericism there is an angel with the number 1437. This angel stands for positivity, a positive attitude and encouragement.

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