How to get to the capital Leyndell? Elden Ring

Warning: spoilers for the videogame Elden Ring

In order to reach the royal capital of Leyndell in the fantasy action role-playing game Elden Ring from Japanese video game developer From Software, players will have to fulfill some requirements. Leyndell is one of the main regions in the Interlands, the fantasy realm in which the action of Elden Ring is set. Access to this city is necessary to complete the main storyline of Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Where is Leyndell located? Location, Path

Elden Ring is an open-world video game that is characterized by a high degree of gameplay freedom and various secrets. Therefore, it may well be possible to get to the royal capital of Leyndell via alternative paths. Here, the direct path is described, which is based on the stages of the main storyline.

The royal capital of Leyndell is located on the Altus Plateau, below the great earth tree that overlooks the center of the interlands. To reach this area, players must first cross the realms of Limgrave and Liurnia and then travel north. At the end of an occurring ravine is an elevator that can be used to reach the Altus Plateau. A bit further north is the main entrance to the royal capital of Leyndell.

Elden Ring: How to get to the royal capital Leyndell? Requirements

The main entrance to the royal capital of Leyndell is basically locked. Players must instead move east along the city wall until they reach the northeastern entrance gate. However, this is also locked until certain requirements are met. Players must possess at least two great runes to enter the royal capital of Leyndell through the northeast entrance. Two such runes that can be obtained by players beforehand are the runes of Rennala and Godrick.

Elden Ring: Obtain and activate the great rune of Godrick

Godrick is a boss enemy located in the northern part of Storm Veil Castle. If he is defeated by the players, they will receive the Great Rune of Godrick. However, before entering the royal capital of Leyndell, this great rune must also be activated.

The great rune of Godrick can be activated in the tower of Limgrave. To reach the Tower of Limgrave, players must travel to the Limgrave Tower Bridge from the entrance of Storm Veil Castle. From there, Storm Hill can be climbed. There is a portal there that will transport players directly to Limgrave Tower. The Great Rune of Godrick can be activated here by pressing a button.

Elden Ring: Obtain Rennala’s Great Rune

Rennala, the queen of the full moon, meets the players as a boss opponent in the academy of Raya Lucaria. The battle takes place in the great library. If the players defeat her, they will receive the Great Rune of Rennala. It does not need to be activated additionally.

Elden Ring: Defeat the Dragon Tree Sentinel and enter the Leyndell Royal Capital.

The northeastern entrance to the royal capital of Leyndell is open when the aforementioned great runes have been fought for and activated. However, before players can enter the city, they must also defeat the Dragon Tree Sentinel. The Dragon Tree Sentinel is a tougher version of the Tree Sentinel that players encountered at the beginning of Elden Ring.

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