Who is Beetlejuice? life, profile, biography

Beetlejuice is an American comedian, entertainer, and actor who rose to fame with appearances on the American radio show The Howard Stern Show.

Beetlejuice: Life, Biography, Profile

Beetlejuice was born Lester Green on 2 June 1968 in the American state of New Jersey. He is 54 years old and the second youngest of six children born to his mother Lillie. Lester grew up in the American metropolis of Jersey City.

Lester Green is short, he is 1.30 m tall and he was born with the disease microcephaly. This is a human developmental disorder that results in a small head circumference and is associated with mental retardation.

Beetlejuice is a stage name given to Lester Green because his head supposedly resembles that of the shrunken ghost Beetlejuice from the 1988 film of the same name.

Beetlejuice: career, song, films

Beetlejuice was discovered as a teenager in the early 1980s by manager Sean Rooney. At the time, Sean Rooney was travelling around the USA with a group of people of small stature to organise what was known as dwarf throwing in pubs.

In dwarf throwing, people of small stature put on protective clothing and are thrown as far forward as possible by larger people. Today, midget throwing is illegal in most countries (banned in the US since 1989) because it is a practice that violates human dignity.

In 1999, Beetlejuice appeared as a guest on the American radio programme „The Howard Stern Show“. Due to his fun-loving personality and flashy disguises, he gained national notoriety in the US and became a popular recurring guest on the show. He made regular guest appearances on the show until 2005. In 2004, he sang the self-penned song „This Is Beetle“ during the show.

In 2001, Beetlejuice appeared as an actor in the comedies Bubble Boy and Scary Movie 2. Previously, in 2000, he made a guest appearance on the wrestling show WCW Monday Nitro, dressed as Superman.

In 2023, Beetlejuice became popular on TikTok in April and May 2023 through the meme „What are you doing? Me? Nothing.“ popular.

Beetlejuice: Later appearances

After 2005, Beetlejuice made only sporadic appearances on „The Howard Stern Show“, once in 2016 and once in 2021. During his last guest appearance, he talked about how he now lives with his mother in the American state of Georgia.

Since the death of Sean Rooney in 2009, his brother Bobby Rooney has taken over the management of Beetlejuice. This includes looking after the entertainer’s Twitter account. In addition, Beetlejuice now regularly competes in boxing matches against other people of small stature.

Beetlejuice: Twitter, Instagram

Twitter: Beetlepimp

Instagram: beetlepimp

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