Who are Chris and Patrick Vörös (Da Vinki brothers)? life, profile, biography

Chris and Patrick Vörös are Hungarian-Canadian TikTokers, social media personalities and professional wrestlers who became famous for the Da Vinki video in which they mispronounce the name of world-famous polymath Leonardo Da Vinci.

Chris and Patrick Vörös (Da Vinki brothers): life, biography, profile

Chris and Patrick Vörös were born on August 20, 1993 in New Westminster in the Canadian province of British Columbia, they are identical twins and 29 years old. They were born into a Hungarian family and speak both Hungarian and English.

Chris and Patrick Vörös dropped out of university in 2013 to become professional wrestlers. Professional wrestling is a modern type of exhibition fighting that combines theatrics, sports and show elements.

In 2019, under the name of Vörös twins, they applied as candidates to the wrestling casting show Tough Enough, produced by the American wrestling company World Wrestling Entertainment. However, they were not accepted. Instead, they enrolled in a wrestling school and at the same time began to become better known through social media channels.

Chris and Patrick Vörös (Da Vinki Brothers): Notoriety, memes, wrestling career

The twins gained particular notoriety in August 2020 after posting a video on their TikTok channel in which they answered several questions from their fans. When asked who painted the oil painting Mona Lisa, they responded questioningly with „Da Vinki?“

The video quickly became a viral hit on TikTok and the saying „Da Vinki?“ developed into a famous meme. Their TikTok profile has 3.1 million followers as of June 2023.

After the video was published, the Vörös twins were considered stupid and uneducated by many Internet users. The twins themselves pointed out that in many videos they answer questions in an eccentric way on purpose and only mean it in a fun way.

The brothers used their Internet popularity to promote their wrestling career, calling themselves „Da Vinki Brothers“ from then on. In addition, they sell T-shirts with the phrase „Da Vinki?“.

In October 2022, Chris and Patrick Vörös were featured on the American wrestling television show AEW Elevation under the name Voros Twins.

Chris and Patrick Vörös (Da Vinki Brothers): TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter

TikTok: @vorostwins

Instagram: vorostwins

YouTube: @VorosTwins

Twitter: vorostwins

On TikTok, the „Da Vinki Brothers“ have over 3 million followers. On Instagram, they have over 265,000 followers. (All as of June 2023)

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