What is the Nagakiba from Elden Ring? Weapon, values, properties, location

The Nagakiba is a weapon in the open world role-playing game Elden Ring from the developer studio FromSoftware. It belongs to the katana weapon class and is characterized by a good striking speed. However, the weapon does less damage than, for example, a great axe or a broadsword.

How to find the Nagakiba? Finding, Where to find, Elden Ring

There are three options for players on how to get the Nagakiba. It is required each time that they find Yura, Hunter of the Bloody Fingers. It is located at the beginning near the place of mercy called „Ruins on the Coast“. He is standing by a campfire and is easily recognizable because of his bell-shaped hat.

Players who are very confident in their own abilities can take the shortest route to the Nagakiba and attack Yura directly. After a few hits, the NPC becomes angry and goes on the counterattack. Yura is fast and deals a lot of damage. However, if players manage to defeat him, he drops the Nagakiba as a reward. Players can still choose this option even if they haven’t attacked Yura on first contact.

If players choose to find the katana the slightly longer way, they must ride along Lake Agheel and pass through a small tunnel to the north of the lake. A cave will appear to their left, but they will not be able to enter it. As soon as the players get near the cave, a fog gate appears in front of the entrance and the players are attacked by a red phantom called Bloody Finger Nerijus. Nerijus is fast and causes bleeding with his attacks. It is best to dodge the attacks instead of blocking them. After a few seconds, Yura appears as a phantom and joins the fight.

If the players manage to defeat Nerijus, they can talk to Yura, who tells them about his fight against the Bloody Fingers. Players will now find the NPC in different locations in the interlands and will have to work with him to take down a member of the Bloody Fingers each time. At the end of the quest series, players will receive the Nagakiba as a reward from Yura in the Second Church of Marika on Altus Plateau.

If they haven’t finished the quest series before they meet the NPC Shabiri near the Zamor Ruins, they can only get the katana by killing Shabiri.

What distinguishes the Nagakiba? Values, characteristics

The Nagakiba is a comparatively long katana that can be wielded relatively quickly. To use it, players need a character with a strength value of 18 and a stamina value of 22. At level 1, the katana does 115 points of physical damage and 100 points of critical damage. In addition, a slash with the weapon builds up bleeding at 45 points per hit. The Nagakiba has a weight value of 7 and scales to D with Strength and C with Stamina.

Depending on how players upgrade the Nagakiba, the damage can be increased significantly. For example, a fully upgraded Standard Nagakiba +25 deals 281 points of physical damage and 90 points of standard damage on top of that. On the other hand, if the nagakiba is fully upgraded with the element of flame or magic, it does 214 points of elemental damage and 90 points of standard damage in addition to 214 points of physical damage, respectively. Alternatively, the bleeding upgrade is worthwhile with the katana. The Nagakiba then does 236 points of physical damage and 90 points of standard damage. But each hit with the punch builds up 85 points of bleeding.

The Nagakiba also has the special ability „Piercing Fang.“ In the special attack, players with the sword perform a powerful thrust with the katana that cannot be blocked by enemy shields. 16 mana points are consumed per attack.

Who is the Nagakiba suitable for?

The Nagakiba is a good and fast attack weapon, suitable among others for players starting with the samurai class, because the samurai already has increased stamina and a good strength value. It is an early accessible katana with reasonable damage and less weight.

Even later on, the Nagakiba is still quite useful due to its speed and build up of bleed. However, the katana is less suitable for players who want to do a lot of damage with a few strikes. The same is true for players with classes that specialize primarily in magic, because mages usually have much lower levels of stamina or strength compared to intelligence and faith.

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