What is Hopecore? Meaning, definition, explanation

The videos with the hashtag Hopecore are often accompanied by imposing and theatrical music. The purpose of the videos is to put the viewers in a certain mood (optimistic or sentimental).

In a sense, the TikTok trend Hopecore is about a feeling. The feeling can be interpreted as follows: It describes a person who has always been socially disadvantaged until now and suddenly receives that attention as well as fame that he or she has been working towards for a long time and thus deserves. It is also a feeling of hope. For example, when entrenched systems or seemingly impenetrable walls are broken through; then it is about the hashtag Hopecore on TikTok. For this purpose, TikTok users create videos on the platform that convey the most extreme emotions to the outside world and thus show various moments from different areas, such as sports, politics or pop culture.

What is Hopecore? Meaning, definition, explanation

So far, the hashtag Hopecore celebrates almost 150 million views on TikTok. Some scenes from award ceremonies such as the Oscars, MTV Music Awards or the Grammys can be seen. Situations from Super Bowl wins or politicians‘ inaugural speeches are also used. Well-known personalities are currently experiencing highs and are therefore celebrated for their achievements. We are talking about personalities such as LeBron James, Amy Winehouse or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Often, the hashtag hopecore is combined with impressive and theatrical music. This is meant to draw the viewer into an optimistic or sentimental mood.

For example, a Hopecore video is structured as follows: For example, a young actor’s acceptance speech, a victory in a basketball game, a looping breakthrough in a marathon race, the splashing of champagne after a victory in Formula 1, as well as any big concert performance in a stadium can all appear in a Hopecore video. These scenes always consist of individual snippets and are then cut together to form a film. The whole thing is then accompanied by a song, such as Frank Sinatra’s „My Way“.

How HopeCore gives people hope

So why does the hashtag hopecore work so well? In the current times, it’s actually quite easy to explain: In times of climate crisis and inflation, there is hope in everyone’s heart for that personal victory or pivotal, life-changing moment. Humanity wants nothing more than to be able to triumph in its own way at the end of the crisis period and be celebrated for the achievements that it has made to achieve this.

The small videos on TikTok are, of course, just moments that reflect the world’s best, while still being very ambitious. Nonetheless, these emotions, packaged in images, are also the greatest, however, and may therefore be more „infectious“ than smaller triumphs. The hashtag Hopecore stands for spreading joy and good humor, which should help to make one’s dreams come true. Humanity should start dreaming big again.

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