What is „CoreCore“? Meaning, definition, explanation

Most adults can’t do much with the CoreCore trend at first. Compared to the other TikTok core hashtags, the CoreCore hashtag is a bit more existential. This trend showcases flash-like images and videos edited together with a somber music in the background.

What is „CoreCore?“ Meaning, definition, explanation

With this trend, countless users of the TikTok app throw new footage into the swipe. However, these videos do not get lost in the sweeping flow of user behavior. In fact, the opposite is true. A real hype is currently emerging around the hashtag CoreCore. And this one even seems to promise more than just becoming a fleeting participation campaign. But what is CoreCore all about?

Maybe some people can remember back about eight years. That’s when Facebook just acquired Instagram. Nothing was known about TikTok back then. The hashtag cottagecore, which represents the idealization of actual country life, was far from being known back then. But nevertheless, homes were happily decorated „hyggelig“. A renaissance era of beige oversized sweaters, sepia filters and entertaining promises of „deceleration“ was dawning. Back to the „core,“ that is.

The creation of this particular content is not due to a single video. Moreover, CoreCore is still in quite a niche and is only slowly making its way into the mainstream. The best way to observe the development of CoreCore is on TikTok. Here you can get inspired by numerous video collages or try out the trendy aesthetic yourself.

Meaning of CoreCore

Core in English refers to the „core.“ The word core is often attached to descriptive words so that they can be elevated to a lifestyle or suggest a concept behind it. Perhaps some now think of the probably best-known description „hardcore“.

But what does the new TikTok outbreak #CoreCore stand for now? For one, it could mean the last instance of Core. If you scroll through the Explore page or through your own feed, you will notice that this hashtag appears more often in the videos that are played. However, a closer look at the content could cause confusion, as it is not possible to guess exactly what is being communicated with it.

Definition of CoreCore

CoreCore is understood to be a type of deconstructive art that evokes emotions. For example, when used in a series, these emotions can be evoked using visual clips that are imbued with their own meaning. CoreCore content is therefore a reflection. CoreCore can stand for a lot of things, but mainly for how TikTok users can creatively express themselves and pour their hearts out. They don’t even have to speak a word into the camera themselves to do this.

In principle, it is the logical conclusion that one has ultimately arrived at the hashtag CoreCore. CoreCore is the result of countless -core trends. Anyway, a hybridization of capitalized pioneers took place in recent years. This can be observed in various art exhibitions that enter into collaborations with various fashion brands and are then sold in the store. As an example, we can take Louis Vuitton, which placed a Yayoi-Kusuma robot in its shop window, which paints dots on all time. Or the music of Ufo361 is played in the background at fashion shows while Kanye West walks through mud. This is where language culture meets hybridization and anything goes.

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