What is Blokecore? Explanation, Meaning, Definition

In the fascinating world of fashion there are always amazing trends that are very different from the usual styles. Among them is the so-called „Blokecore“, which is attracting attention these days. This refers to a fashion trend in which men or women deliberately dress or style their hair in the styles of sporty teenagers, or ordinary, ordinary men. „Blokecore“ thus combines masculinity with youthfulness, sportiness and also a bit of nonchalance. The aim is to reproduce a traditional men’s clothing and combine it with feminine, unconventional pieces.

„Blokecore“ is currently popular among young and also old alike, and overall is considered a tribute to the average man. However, not everyone knows what to do with this trend. The following article is therefore intended to explain the „Blokecore“ trend in detail. In addition to a comprehensive definition of the term, the origin, the various characteristics and criticisms of „Blokecore“ will also be shown.

Definition of the term „Blokecore“

The term „Blokecore“ is an artificial word that originates from the English language. It is a combination of the two nouns „bloke“ (meaning „ordinary boy“ or „ordinary man“) and „hardcore“ (meaning „belonging to the hard core“). Both terms are combined to form a neologism. Combined, „blokecore“ can therefore be roughly translated as „hardcore style of the average man“.

What is meant here is a composition of typical clothing of the average man – the imitation of British soccer fans is particularly popular. Added to this are ordinary and somewhat archaic hairstyles, which make the look immediately anachronistic as well as a touch antisocial. This makes it stand out from all other current trends, which is one of the reasons why it is so eye-catching and popular.

Those who dress in the „Blokecore“ style primarily want to stand out or have a self-confident, relaxed personality. This outfit is therefore preferred by young target groups. But even celebrities swear by the „Blokecore“ from time to time.

Origin and origin of „Blokecore“

The „Blokecore“ trend has its roots in British street and soccer culture. The term „bloke“ is a typically British and Australian expression for „boy“ or „man“. Therefore, „Blokecore“ represents the British fashionable answer to ever-recurring retro aesthetics. At the same time, this trend also harmonizes perfectly with the so-called „gender blending“, where the boundaries between men and women are gradually blurring in terms of clothing styles. „Blokecore“ cleverly combines plain working-class and street, or rather sportswear, with unconventional hairstyles. While this trend first spread in Great Britain in recent years, it gradually spilled over into the rest of Europe and the USA. There, it is now also appreciated for its casualness and understatement.

What are the characteristics of the „Blokecore“ trend?

The „Blokecore“ can be recognized by typical characteristics, which refer above all to the selected clothing style, the worn hairstyles and to some extent to the lifestyle and the hobbies of the persons concerned. These three areas of „Blokecore“ will therefore be explained in more detail in the following subsections.

Clothing style

As far as clothing is concerned, „Blokecore“ is characterized primarily by masculine, unconventional elements. Typical clothing items are, for example, work shirts, soccer shirts as well as utility jackets. In addition, chunky shoes or boots are often worn. The look is also combined with denim jeans or cargo pants. Often, jogging pants or other pieces from the sportswear section are also used. The color spectrum is just as varied as the versatile constellation of clothing items themselves. Cool blues and grays are popular here, which are then complemented with gaudy neon colors. „Blokecore“ also likes to rely on oversize silhouettes and comparatively robust, but therefore visually rather less appealing materials.


When it comes to wearing hairstyles, „Blokecore“ also loves a casual and sometimes unkempt look. Unstyled hair, wild, curly hairstyles as well as archaic looks determine the image. Undercuts, buzz cuts or long hairstyles (also for men!) are popular. This quickly conveys the impression of an authentic look, in which the person does not seem to care too much about his or her appearance. This is also the overall message that the „Blokecore“ wants to show. Namely, a certain coolness and individuality should be presented.

Lifestyle & Hobbies

„Blokecore“ goes beyond clothing and hairstyles and often glorifies a certain lifestyle. This mainly includes outdoor activities such as meeting with friends, parking actions as well as hiking, fishing or cycling. The focus here is more on unpretentious activities undertaken in community. „Blokecore“ can therefore also be understood as a kind of return to simple pleasure. Many „blockecore“ hobbies are therefore rather vintage and oriented towards the style of the 1990s. „Blokecore“ can also be visually classified quite well in this period.

Social classification of „Blokecore“

In terms of society, „Blokecore“ can be assigned to the younger generations „Millenials“ as well as „Y“ and in some places „Alpha“. The main target group for „Blokecore“ is therefore under 30 years old. This trend is also popular among homosexuals and transgender people, who see „blokecore“ as a way of achieving gender neutrality.

Criticisms of „Blokecore“

As with every fashion trend, „Blokecore“ also has a large number of critical voices. The main criticism is the glorification of the masculine stereotype. In addition, this trend looks raw, vulgar and unimaginative to outsiders. Since the focus here is mainly on the average man, critics also fear that the eye for the special is gradually mendacious. „Blokecore“ is therefore associated by critics with a certain uniformity. On the other hand, followers of this trend are also said to have a tendency toward self-dramatization.

Conclusion on the subject of „Blokecore“

In summary, then, „Blokecore“ is a comparatively young fashion and lifestyle trend from Great Britain that is oriented towards the average man. The focus is on regular, ordinary work or sportswear, which is cleverly combined with eye-catching, respectively feminine elements. This makes the so unique „Blokecore“ look possible.

The „Blokecore“ trend joins a wide range of current fashion trends, such as „tomboy chic“, „gender-blending fashion“ or „gender normcore“. However, these primarily relate to the topic of transgender.

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