What does o7 mean in chat? đŸ«Ą chat, twitch, gaming, explanation, meaning

The o7 in chat stands for a military salute.

The letter o stands for the head. The number 7 stands for the arm, which is raised to shoulder height, and the forearm and hand, which together form a straight line.

What does o7 mean in chat? đŸ«Ą chat, twitch, gaming, explanation, meaning

In chats, especially on Twitch in gaming, o7 stands for respect, as a greeting, as a farewell, and for expressing agreement. o7 is an act of greeting, but it is also used as a response to an instruction or a question in the sense of „Yes!“

In military shooter or military strategy games, 07 is often found.


Streamer: who wants us to play shooter XY?
Spectator in chat: o7

(spectator enters the chat, o7 to greet)
Spectator in chat: 07

(Just before a viewer leaves the chat)
Spectator in chat: 07
Spectator in chat: Have a good trip

Spectator in chat: Have a good trip o7

Streamer: this is our last stream today
Viewers in chat: 07

The o7 is composed of the letter o and the number 7. Partly a zero (0) is also used. However, this leads to the fact that the upper balance stroke of the number 7 does not end above the head, but at the same height of the head. As a rule, the horizontal line should be above the head, so the letter o is used.

The emoji is: đŸ«Ą

o7 is an emoticon. These have been around for a very long time, at least since the mid-1990s. Emoticons were used before there were emojis. Well-known emoticons are smileys like these: 🙂 , 🙁 , :D, (^_^) and XD

The emoticon o7 has been around for a very long time. On Urban Dictionary is an entry from 2007, in which the emoticon is mentioned. Since 2020, it has been spreading more and becoming more popular.

The emoticon o7 is language efficient. Because to write it, you only need two characters. So instead of explaining or writing for a long time, the symbol for military salute is made and sent.

What is the purpose of a military salute?

A military salute is a formal way of greeting and is used to show respect.

The military salute serves as a means of identification, an expression of tradition and belonging. It is a means of communication without using words.

Other meaning of O7

O7 (capital letter o + number 7) was a Munich resistance group against National Socialism.

O7 stood for „Organization in Wehrkreis VII.“

The resistance group conducted leaflet campaigns, issued false papers, and hid people.

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