What does Kafa lesh / Kafa leş mean in english? Translation and meaning explained

„Kafa leş“ is a turkish expression that literally means in english „The head is a carrion“ or „My head is gone.“ Meaningfully, it means that someone is totally exhausted, unable to think, and can no longer think. (His thoughts are as it were dead).

„Kafa“ is turkish and means: head or mind.
„leş“ is Turkish and means: carrion or cadaver.

Kafa lesh / Kafa leş: Meaning, translation, explanation

The expression „Lesh“ also exists in albanian language. There, „lesh“ means: fur or furry. It has a similar meaning as the Turkish expression, namely: deaf.

According to the sense, „Lesh“ can also be translated as „high“ („high of marijuana“). Thus, „Kafa lesh“ means that someone is high. For example, it would be said, „I am kafa lesh.“
Lesh uses this to describe the state of mind that occurs when marijuana is consumed.

„Kafa lesh“ has several spellings:

  • Kafalesh / Kafa lesh
  • Kafalesh / Kafa lesh
  • Cafalesh / Cafa lesh
  • Cafalesh / Cafa lesh
  • Kafalash / Kafa lesh
  • Kafalash / Kafa lash
  • Cafalash / Cafa lash
  • Cafalash / Cafa lash
  • Kafa leş
  • Cafa leş

„Kafa lesh“ in music

German rappers use the expression „Kafa lesh“ in their lyrics. By doing so, they spread the expression and make it more popular. Below are some examples:

(Song titles are translated)

  • LDS X Uskana – Song: „Kafa Lesh“ – Song line: „At night on the block, ah, locos, kafa lash.“
  • Luciano – Song: „Getting ahead“ – Song line: „Kafa lesh“
  • Luciano – Song: „Jonny Walker Kaffa“ – Song line: „“
  • KinG Eazy – Song: „Hands on the Wheel“ – Song line: „mega kafa lesh“
  • KinG Eazy – Song: „Jackpot“ – Song line: „Kafa lesh I make cash“
  • Luciano – Song: „Much more“ – Song line: „Jacki, liquor, kafalesh makes the head concrete“
  • 187 Strassenbande – Song: „100er Batzen“ – Song line: „Every day kafa lesh, but we stack the cash“
  • 187 Strassenbande – Song: „Allstars 2012“ – Song line: „Kafa lesh in the blocks“
  • Dale feat. Xalaz – Song: „32 Bars“ – Song line: „Kafa lesh, because I press ganja every day“
  • Soufian – Song: „Film“ – Song line: „Kafa, lash, rabbit plus-plus burns“
  • Play69 – Song: „Ruhrpott 44ER“ – Song line: „I am Kafa lesh, like the skull“
  • Schwesta Ewa – Song: „24/7 Parra“ – Song line: „24/7 in mei’m Kafa Flous (Kafa lesh)“
  • AJÉ feat. Celo & Abdi – Song: „Black Bombay“ – Song line: „Kafa lesh, when I flash on the beat“
  • Sa4 – Song: „Crocodile“ – Song line: „I’m kafa lesh on the drop“
  • Sa4 – Song: „Just like us / When the sun goes down“ – Song line: „Once again kafa lesh“
  • Sa4 – Song: „Designer Ot“ – Song line: „Chill‘ kafa lesh in Marrakech“
  • Sa4 – Song: „Erichstrasse“ – Song line: „Peace, kafa lesh we hang out on the street corner“
  • Sa4 – Song: „Back in the Days“ – Song line: „Do you remember the first time Baba Joint – Kafa lesh“
  • Musso – Song: „24/7“ – Song line: „We kill the party kafalesh is rented in Ferrari frate“
  • Nate57 – Song: „Bandit“ – Song line: „ers‘ Kafalesh“
    MG – Song: „This is Eisenstadt“ – Song line: „after this is my kafa lesh“
  • Nicone feat. Kadima – Song: „Thug Life“

„Kafa Lesh“ is the stage name of a rapper.

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