What does „No Hard Feelings“ mean? Meaning, explanation, definition

The expression „No Hard Feelings“ means „No hard feelings“.

What does „No Hard Feelings“ mean? Meaning, explanation, definition.

„No Hard Feelings“ is said to express that you are not resentful or angry and that what another has done or said has not hurt you.

„No Hard Feelings“ can be said as a statement or a question.

„No Hard Feelings“ means that past conflicts, tensions, difficulties, or disagreements have not led to resentment or grudges. „No Hard Feelings“ indicates that you want to continue in the relationship.

The English term „Hard Feelings“ refers to a mixture of rejection and anger toward someone by whom you feel you have been mistreated. When someone has „Hard Feelings“ it also means that the person has taken something personally.

Example sentence, „Are you ok?“ – „Yes, No hard feelings.“

„No Hard Feelings“: Movie 2023

The US film comedy „No Hard Feelings“ by director Gene Stupnitsky will be released in US cinemas on June 23, 2023, in Germany already on June 22, 2023, starring Andrew Barth Feldman and Jennifer Lawrence.

Main character Maddie (Jennifer Lawrence) works for the ride service Uber. One day her vehicle is confiscated and she loses her income. She searches the sales and advertising portal Craigslist for job offers and comes across an unconventional ad: „Need a car? ‚Date‘ our son!“. Her interest piqued, she contacts the advertising couple, Allison (Laura Benanti) and Laird (Matthew Broderick), wealthy helicopter parents. Their wish: to deflower nerd Percy before he enters college (prestige college Princeton). As a reward, they hold out the prospect of a Buick Regal to Maddie. With this vehicle, she could be back working for Uber.

Even though Maddie isn’t sure that the term „date“ doesn’t mean sexual intercourse, she accepts the offer and tries everything to seduce the teenager. But the task is more difficult than anticipated. Percy reacts to the invitation to skinny dip as uninvolved as to attempts to loosen him up with alcohol. Maddie must overcome several hurdles to finally get closer to Percy.

„No Hard Feelings“ deals with the topics of dating and relationships in a humorous, slightly irreverent way. In doing so, it treads familiar paths, but is bolder in terms of eroticism. While young actor Andrew Barth Feldman was mainly seen on theater stages, superstar Jennifer Lawrence returns to the big screen after excursions in Netflix and Apple TV productions.

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If there are „No Hard Feelings,“ are there also „No Soft Feelings“?

„No Hard Feelings: Emotions at Work and How They Help Us Succeed“ is a children’s book by Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy. It was published in 2019.

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