What does „Flop Era“ mean? Meaning, explanation, definition

A „Flop Era“ is a period of time when you or someone is not successful, nothing succeeds and you feel like a failure.

What does „Flop Era“ mean? Meaning, explanation, definition

In German, „Flop Era“ means something like „era of failure“.

Actually, the term „Flop Era“ was reserved for musicians, singers and artists who had no success with their new albums and who produced one flop after another. An artist, singer or musician had arrived at his/her „Flop Era“ when he/she had no more success and slowly became irrelevant. (Then you ask yourself, what actually happened to …).

On social media, you can see fans talking about the relevance and staying of formerly very successful artists and using the term „Flop Era“ here.

At the end of the 2010s, the expression spread on the internet and internet users started to talk about being in a (personal) „Flop Era“ when their videos received only a few views and their pictures published on the internet hardly got any hearts. But people also talked about being in a „Flop Era“ when it came to serious topics, e.g. when they were fired, they were dumped or something important broke. It was also said that one had arrived in one’s „Flop Era“ if, for example, no letter of application had been successful and one had (so far) only experienced rejection.

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Is a „Flop Era“ normal?

It is a lot to ask for success with every work and everything you do. It is perfectly normal to fail once in a while. Because circumstances change and sometimes they are just not right. Times change and people change. What worked in the past doesn’t have to work today.

Everyone makes mistakes and experiences setbacks. That is normal. It is even part of personal growth, because you can learn from setbacks. Failure can lead to reflection on goals, ways and means. You can question yourself, is this right, what I am doing here. Does it feel right?

Success and failure can also be very subjective. What is a failure for a well-known musician would be a small success for an unknown musician.

If you want to look at a „Flop Era“ in a very positive way, you can say to yourself: My failure shows me that something is not right or fits. Maybe I should do something else, develop myself or take some time off?

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