What does Villain Era mean? TikTok, meaning, definition, explanation

The „Villain Era“ TikTok trend is about putting your own well-being and sensibilities above societal pressures.

„Villain Era“ – Origin

Since February 2022 already, a similar trend became visible on TikTok under the hashtag „feral“. The image of TikTokers changed from clean, neat and motivated to chaotic and untamed. It wasn’t until #VillainEra, however, that the trend reached its peak and entered the mainstream’s field of vision.

What does „Villain Era“ mean? TikTok, meaning, definition, explanation.

The trend is not to be understood literally. It is not about becoming a bad person or criminal, but about setting boundaries, no longer tolerating spitefulness and resisting the pressure of having to please people all the time.

That’s why the trend also appealed to women in particular. This is also because they are often portrayed as the enemy on the basis of such decisions. The idea still exists that women have to behave ladylike, look presentable and be well-behaved. Above all, women who have always cultivated this image and only later learn to set their own priorities are always seen by others as „naughty women“. The trend now picks up on this and transforms the image into something empowering. It also helps to deal with negative feedback.

„Villain Era“ – climax and aesthetics (TikTok)

The hashtag „Villain Era“ already has over 100 million views. The audio of thousands of clips is pondered with the quote „Well if that makes me a villain, then so f*cking be it“ from the series Euphoria, which is also very trendy.

The women no longer present themselves as superficially desirable or heroic, but as dark and mysterious. With a provocative look into the camera, they captivate the viewer and communicate their self-determination.

In addition to videos showing people who are now living their lives or serving the „Villain“ stereotype, there are also instructional videos for those who also want to get into their „Villain Era“ but can’t do so without help. But it’s not only on TikTok that such instructions can be found: A quick google is enough to find detailed articles on the subject. And on Spotify or YouTube you can find playlists that provide the right soundtrack for the „Villain Era“.

„Villain Era“ – How to become a „Villain“?

1. stop trying to please other people!
It is impossible to be liked by everyone. Be authentic and true to yourself. This way you are much more likely to meet people with whom you really have a connection.

2. put yourself first!
Everyone has needs and feelings, the suppression of which can negatively affect your well-being.

3. ask straight out!
Not beating around the bush is an important thing that some people have to learn. If you know what you want, you can ask for it without shame.

4. be self-confident!
If you know who you are, you can navigate your life better. You should not try to change your appearance or personality, but be happy with yourself. This can also mean admitting past mistakes and coming clean about them. Always remember: you are an individual with just as valid feelings and desires as anyone else!

„Villain Era“ – Dissenting Voices

Some are unhappy with the name of the self-determination trend and would rather christen it „Superhero Era“ in order not to unnecessarily demonize such a positive change.

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