What are „Slytherin Girls“? Explanation, characteristics, meaning

„Slytherin Girls“ are first of all female characters from the Harry Potter universe who belong to the Slytherin house. In addition, the term „Slytherin Girls“ or „Slytherin Aesthetic“ is used on social media platforms such as TikTok to describe a certain style and character.

What distinguishes Slytherin characters in the Harry Potter universe?

The most well-known Slytherin characters from the Harry Potter world are Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy and his parents Lucius and Narcisa Malfoy. Tom Riddle, who later becomes Lord Voldemort, is also part of the Slytherin house. All of these characters, as well as most other people who belong to Slytherin, are considered to have a carefully cultivated image, strategic thinking, ambition, intelligence and leadership qualities.

At the same time, however, Slytherins are also seen as calculating and are known to exploit every opportunity to achieve their own goals. Slytherins also often have a rebellious side and enjoy looking down on others. Furthermore, the Slytherin house is considered to be supportive of the ethnic cleansing of ‚mudbloods‘ and ‚muggles‘ respectively, and discrimination against wizards and witches without a pure-blood pedigree.

Where does the „Slytherin aesthetic“ come from?

The „Slytherin aesthetic“ originated in the Harry Potter fandom community on the formerly very popular site Tumblr and has since evolved independently of Tumblr. The aesthetic is closely related to the Dark Academy aesthetic, which is characterised by a preference for antique books, Victorian clothing and a dark, mysterious atmosphere.

The Slytherin Girls‘ style is clearly inspired by Victorian literature and the romanticised aesthetic of 19th century boarding schools. Both styles – i.e. Syltherin and Dark Academia – are characterised by qualities such as ambition, strategic thinking, intelligence and leadership.

What are „Slytherin Girls“? Explanation

Slytherin girls want to be recognised by their style of dress and styling, as well as by certain personality or character traits.

These two facets are closely intertwined – the aesthetics should express the personality and vice versa.

For example, the Slytherin aesthetic is characterised by noble colours such as dark green, black and silver. These colours are meant to symbolise wealth, poison, snakes and sophistication. Typical accessories include emerald green gemstones and jewellery made of jade or malachite. The snake’s head is also a central theme in jewellery and accessories, as it is the symbol of the House of Slytherin in the Harry Potter stories.

„Slytherin girls“ often come from well-off families or at least maintain an upscale lifestyle that exudes wealth. In addition, „Slytherin girls“ usually do not have very many friends, but can adapt excellently in social situations. Due to their deep and complex personalities, they are mostly loners who think they don’t need anyone and can manage all by themselves.

This attitude results from their pride and the belief that they are special and better than others. Other character traits that „Slytherin girls“ like to ascribe to themselves are strategic action, high intelligence, a fine sense of humour, ambition, extroversion, calculating determination, egoism and unscrupulousness.

Is there any criticism of the Slytherin aesthetic or the „Slytherin girls“?

Even though the „Slytherin Girls“ are becoming more and more popular and many people like the aesthetics in particular, one should not forget that the values and character traits attributed to the house of Slytherin and the people belonging to it can be quite problematic.

On the one hand, the characteristics of „Slytherin girls“ are manipulative and border on narcissistic. On the other hand, Slytherins in the Harry Potter world are often portrayed as elitist and racist, which is reflected in their attitude towards „mudbloods“, whom they regard as inferior. This attitude is also reflected in the frequent support for Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters, who seek to purge the magical world of „mudbloods“.

Those who are interested in the Slytherin aesthetic in reality or identify with the characteristics of „Slytherin Girls“ should always take care to separate these problematic aspects of the house from the positive characteristics such as determination, intelligence and ambition and only integrate the latter into their own character or focus on the visual and optical aspects of the aesthetic in terms of clothing.

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