What are „Live Battles“ on Lovoo? Explanation, meaning, definition

Lovoo is a dating and chat app that offers its users various ways of entertainment. It allows you to meet other people in different ways and supports you in finding new friends. It is predominantly aimed at a younger audience under the age of 30.

What is a Lovoo Live / Livestream? Explanation, meaning, definition

In a livestream it is possible to act as a spectator or as a participant (streamer). Spectators acknowledge streamers with applause or donate animated gifts. In this way, they themselves gain more attention and show the streamers what they like or dislike.

The gifts can be converted into rewards and cash bonuses. This increases the incentive to deliver high-quality and exciting livestreams. There is a comment function in the livestream, and viewers can also join in via video if the streamer allows it. Streamers can interact directly with the audience.

Viewers also have the option of inviting other people to join the side stream. To do this, they must be networked with them beforehand. This opens up a wide range of communication possibilities, for example via polls, battles and dates. Livestreams are not saved, so they are no longer available after they have ended. This prevents data misuse.

The advantages of Lovoo Live

Integrating the live function into a dating app was an innovation of the provider Lovoo. It allows users to get an even better picture of the other person. Live videos replace the often outdated profile pictures and make dating more entertaining and authentic. You get to know people in a very uncomplicated way. Those who use the live function only need to press the record button on their smartphone and can immediately communicate with hundreds of other people.

Alternatively, streams can be viewed in real time. Lovoo’s live function supports creativity, because the streamers are always coming up with new ideas to inspire their fans. In addition, there are contests and battles that encourage people to be active on the platform.

What are Lovoo Live Battles? Explanation

Battles are one of the many communication options on Lovoo Livestream. They were created to make dating more interesting and encourage app users to be more active. In a battle, individuals or teams can compete against each other. A ranking is determined. Whoever has collected the most diamonds is the winner and thus very popular.

This is the procedure:

For a Live Battle, the participant must start a stream. To do this, she clicks on the VS button, which takes her to the Battles. If it is irrelevant who the battle partner is, the competition can start immediately. One chooses a topic and then connects with the opponent. If you want to challenge a specific person, you can only choose from your favorite streamers.

A battle is therefore only possible between people who follow each other, as is familiar from social media platforms. The person who initiates the battle also determines the topic. To do this, he chooses his preferred hashtag from a small selection of predefined hashtags. The terms #lasstanzen, #kampfansage, #pushit, #mukkemachen and #random are available for selection. To win a battle, creativity is important. If you don’t want to actively battle, you can always watch and push your favorite with gifts.

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