What are Kryptonite people? Meaning, definition, explanation

A Kryptonite person is a person from whom someone cannot get away for a long time. For a Kryptonite person, one can have crushes and feelings for years. At the same time, the relationship with this Kryptonite person is one-sided. It may be that the Kryptonite person is a long-lost relationship partner. If you fall for a Kryptonite person, you don’t even need to know him or her closely. It may be that there is no personal contact with the Kryptonite person at all. Thoughts, desires, and preoccupation with the Kryptonite person continue nonetheless. For someone who feels attached to a Kryptonite person, this usually means emotional chaos.

What are kryptonite people? Meaning, definition, explanation

The unrequited love for the Kryptonite person can persist despite new love relationships. It does not seem to be replaceable by a real partner or mate. This is another reason why there is something dangerous about a Kryptonite person: if you fall for a Kryptonite person, you might end the current partnership for them. Most of the time the term Kryptonite person has rather negative connotations. Often the Kryptonite person is spoken of as a ‚wound‘. Having a Kryptonite person can also have destructive features: For some, the Kryptonite person is a person who has caused damage in the past. A relationship with him was sometimes marked by many hurts.

The term Kryptonite person really stands for a vulnerability or at least a weakness. It is a kind of metaphor that has its model in comic book culture. The DC superhero Superman is invulnerable. His only weakness is kryptonite. It releases a radiation that could, at worst, lead to Superman’s death. Affection for a Kryptonite human can have dramatic effects. In real life, however, it doesn’t necessarily have to. Besides the destructive fixation on the Kryptonite human, there are milder courses. Very many people have a great crush or a great love, which they do not forget for a long time. Only the excessive preoccupation with the Kryptonite person leads to emotional suffering.

Frequent mention of the Kryptonite person on the Internet

The term ‚Kryptonite Person‘ is not a psychological term. It is mainly used on the Internet. Accordingly, there are many interpretations and explanations of this phenomenon. In many online articles there is an explanation against a psychological background. There are experts, coaches or therapists who use a psychological theory for the Kryptonite person. The approaches for it are different there again. The Kryptonite human is, for example, a consequence of an early childhood disturbed attachment. Or: The Kryptonite person is an idealization and projection. Common to all these articles is usually a piece of advice. For example: You have to face the Kryptonite person and understand why you can’t let him go.

Other advice on the Internet gives practical tips for forgetting a Kryptonite person. There are also many testimonials from people who know a Kryptonite person. Likewise, the topic of Kryptonite person is discussed in forums on social networks.

Kryptonite person – Definition: Where the term comes from is unclear

The term Kryptonite personis undoubtedly popular. Many major online newspapers or media online portals have also published articles on this topic.

However, it is difficult to determine how the term Kryptonite person originated. There are no conclusions as to who coined the term or how many years it has been in circulation. One magazine article mentions it as early as 2015.

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