What does vibing mean? Verb, meaning, definition, explanation

The verb „to vibe“ (vibing) has two meanings:

Around the year 2010, „vibing“ meant something like „hang out“ or „chill.“ (So just being carefree.) Ten years later – around the year 2020/2021 – the meaning had changed. „Vibing“ in 2020/2021 meant that you are on the same wavelength with another person, that the chemistry is right, and that you just get along as well as feel connected. In short, the vibe is just right.

Note: This article deals with the verb „vibing“, not the noun „vibes“. Even though the two are strongly related, there are distinct differences in how the words are used. These differences will be explained in this text.

Examples using „vibing“:

  • „We are vibing.“
  • „Me and my friend are vibing.“

What does vibing mean? Verb, meaning, definition, explanation

„Vibing“ is about feeling good vibes. What is meant by this is a good mood. In essence, „vibing“ is about simply feeling good. This happens on several levels: feeling good in a place or environment; and: feeling good with another person.

But „vibing“ is not just about feeling good, it is also about feeling connected. This connectedness is felt when „vibing“. It is detached and the opposite of loneliness, isolation, and a sense of „being out of place.“ Connectedness represents feelings of belonging, trust, appreciation, recognition and inner peace. Not to be forgotten in „vibing“ is a feeling of lightheartedness, carefree and unconcerned. (There is no pressure. No need to be. One may simply be).

In the past, people had said that the chemistry was just right. The expression stands for the fact that two people simply get along well and feel comfortable with each other. The same applies to places. One simply feels comfortable in certain places.

The special thing about „vibing“ and „the chemistry is right“ is that the feeling of well-being is only felt. It doesn’t have to be explained, fathomed or described, it’s just there. (Thus „vibing“ also has a character of coincidence).

What is „vibing“? Explanation

With „vibing“ the immersion is right. There is no threat to be reckoned with. People who are „vibed“ are not assumed to have a secret agenda. In vibing, no one is profiling. Nobody wants anything. It’s not about self-promotion, it’s about being in the moment now, feeling connected and comfortable. It’s about a sense of oneness. It’s about authenticity and genuineness. They allow you to „vibe.“

To vibe, sometimes even becomes a prerequisite for a relationship. Where there is no vibing, there is no relationship. (And that is also good, because everything else would only be exhausting).

Editor’s comment: The fact that the word „vibing“ and the emotion associated with it became popular in 2020/2021 is probably no coincidence. „vibing“ could be a backlash against the isolation and loneliness created by the coronavirus pandemic. In the pandemic, caution and distance were the order of the day. „Vibing“ is about the opposite: emotional closeness, opening up and feeling each other. (See also: What does „I feel this“ mean).

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