„Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich“ Meme: Explanation

The actor in „The Last of Us“, Pedro Pascal, has recently become better known in Germany. This is because he went viral through so-called „Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich“ memes. And even beforehand, the actor’s humorous interviews on the set of the series regularly collected thousands of likes on social media. Meanwhile, there is even a page on TikTok dedicated specifically to this kind of meme.

But, what exactly does the „Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich“ meme mean? First of all, the meme is part of the „Snack Wars“, which shows celebrities from different countries trying different snacks and eating them on camera. The Chilean-American actor Pedro Pascal bites into a sandwich topped with peanut butter and jam. This is a typical US-American speciality. During the conversation, Pedro Pascal repeatedly pauses for a moment and bites into his sandwich with relish.

The following article will therefore deal with a definition of the „Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich“ meme. In addition, the origin, use, social classification and interpretations of this meme will be provided. Finally, a conclusion will be drawn and similar terms will be mentioned.

Definition of the „Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich“ Meme

The title of the „Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich“ meme comes from English and means something like „Pedro Pascal eats a sandwich“ caricature. Pascal Pedro is a Chilean-American actor known for the television series „Game of Thrones“ (2014), „Narcos“ (2015-2017), „The Mandalorian“ (since 2019) and „The Last of Us“ (since 2023).

A sandwich is a food item that usually consists of bread and an individual topping such as sausage, cheese, jam, butter or other food. In this case, Pedro Pascal is eating a sandwich spread with peanut butter and jam. This is a popular US snack that the actor tested on camera. Apparently, the actor likes it so much that he bites into the sandwich and eats it again and again during an ongoing interview.

Such a gesture is perceived as impolite in many cultures. After all, Pedro Pascal is not paying full attention to the interview(s) at this moment. Instead, he keeps biting into the sandwich – presumably unconsciously, because Pedro Pascal particularly likes this snack and was actually hungry at that moment and did not want to conduct an interview.

What does the „Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich“ meme mean?

The meme has different meanings and is used in many different contexts. It exudes a certain calm, serenity and indifference. Pedro Pascal calmly eating his sandwich while being interviewed suggests that he is always relaxed even in unpleasant situations. For many people, interviews are a tiresome and tense affair, but Pedro Pascal completes them extremely calmly (and eats at the same time).

The „Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich“ meme therefore means that someone can always keep a cool head even in (supposedly) tense, stressful situations. In addition, the meme points out the things that are actually important in life. Namely, that one should calmly devote oneself to a fortifying meal and not put oneself under too much pressure. The comparatively neutral, awkward expression on Pedro Pascal’s face also agrees with this, making the situation as a whole seem funny and anything but serious.

When and where is the „Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich“ meme used?

The meme first spread via Twitter, Reddit and other social networks. It is particularly popular for putting certain situations into a humorous context. Accordingly, the original scene or individual image excerpts are used to provide them with individual texts or messages. The memes individualised in this way are then disseminated via the internet.

A precise time for the use of the „Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich“ meme cannot be determined. It is used around the clock and independent of events. The meme is currently used primarily in the areas of work, finance, gaming, relationships and leisure. There, the meme finds an abundance of everyday situations in which it serves as a hook for funny and entertaining scenes.

Social classification of the „Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich“ meme

The meme is still relatively new and probably only emerged in 2023 with the advent of the US series „The Last of Us“. Pedro Pascal plays one of the main roles in this series. Accordingly, the still comparatively young meme is primarily used by people of younger generations, such as „millenials“, „zillenials“, the followers of „Generation Z“ and „Generation Alpha“.

The meme is extremely popular because it is neither pretentious nor difficult to understand and is therefore currently spreading particularly quickly on the internet. Since it is freely accessible content, anyone can use this meme and edit and reproduce it at will. As a result, the meme can currently be found on the social platforms Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, but also on Reddit. It is then usually also provided with individual hashtags in order to include communities and other content in the meme.

Conclusion on the topic of the „Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich“ meme

In summary, the „Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich“ meme has its origins in the US format „Snack Wars“. In this format, Pedro Pascal appeared and ate a sandwich. He apparently found it so tasty that he forgot about the interview and continued to eat it with relish, even though the interview was still running. It is used in various contexts as a basis for creating individual memes. The main areas are the work environment, finances, leisure activities and relationships. The „Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich“ meme is used particularly frequently on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

Related to the term „Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich“ meme are, for example, the terms „Snack Wars“ or „The Last of Us“. Snack Wars“ is a US format in which well-known actors test snacks from all over the world and have to rate them. In contrast, „The Last of Us“ is a US series in which Pedro Pascal from the eponymous „Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich“ meme plays one of the main roles.

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