Who is Felix Cipher? Curriculum vitae, profile, biography

Felix Cipher is an American internet personality who has attracted negative attention for tasteless anti-Semitic comments about the Holocaust and a TikTok video in which he claims to be the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.

Felix Cipher: resume, biography, profile

Very little is known about the true identity of the pseudonym Felix Cipher. On his former TikTok account, he had talked about being a trans man in several videos. In other videos, he showed that he is the owner of numerous pet snakes. It is also known that Felix Cipher lives in the US state of Colorado. His appearance suggests that he is between 18 and 35 years old.

Felix Cipher: what did he do?

In February 2023, Felix Cipher published a video that shows him with a side parting and a large septum ring. The ring looks like Adolf Hitler’s upper lip beard there. In addition, he wore clothes that resembled a uniform worn by German Wehrmacht soldiers in the 1930s. In the video, Felix Cipher claims to be the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.

It has been pointed out by many outraged Internet users, and especially by a reaction video posted by Holocaust survivor Gidon Lev on his TikTok channel, that Felix Cipher’s video is a trivialization of the Holocaust and Nazism.

The Holocaust was the racially ideologically motivated genocide of more than 6 million European Jews perpetrated by the Nazi regime from at least 1941 until the end of World War II in 1945.

Felix Cipher initially responded to the video by Gidon Lev with a commentary that directly mocked the Holocaust survivor. As a result, Felix Cipher’s video, as well as his TikTok channel, was deleted and blocked by TikTok.

Felix Cipher: return, book, rating

In May 2023, Felix Cipher reported back with a video, expressing a half-hearted apology for his comment towards Gidon Lev, but not deviating from the conviction of being the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. He also continues to wear the side parting and the septum ring.

In 2021, Felix Cipher published a fantasy novel titled Heroes of MidAria: Heaven’s Demons. The book can be purchased at Amazon, Hugendubel and other internet stores despite Felix Cipher’s problematic behavior.

In some of the videos that have since been deleted, Felix Cipher has said in side sentences that he has taken many medications. This could indicate a personal history of psychological problems. However, this does not excuse his distasteful behavior.

Not clearly distancing oneself from anti-Semitism and racism is already problematic. And to trivialize or even glorify the crimes against humanity committed by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime is absolutely wrong.

Felix Cipher: TikTok Channel

Felix Cipher’s TikTok channel has been deleted and is no longer accessible.

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