Who is Elaine Victoria? Curriculum vitae, Profile, Biography, TikTok

Elaine Victoria is a cashier at Aldi who gained international notoriety as an influencer.

Elaine Victoria: curriculum vitae, biography, profile

Elaine Victoria was born in the 90s in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, Germany. She weighs 50 kg and has a height of 1.65 m. Her father is a businessman and her mother is an entrepreneur. She grew up Christian and is still a member of the church. Elaine Victoria became known as the most beautiful employee and Tik Tok star of the Aldi supermarket chain. She wears a black tattoo showing a dragon on the left side of her body just above her stomach. Her hair color is blonde and her complexion is slightly tanned. Her facial features are typically European.

Elaine Victoria on Tik Tok

Elaine Victoria has over 760,000 followers and gets over 13.2 million likes on her posts. Her videos have an average of between 200,000 and 2 million views and mostly show her in lascivious, sexy poses. She herself follows only 132 Tik Tok profiles. She describes herself as an Aldi Girl. Her business email address is elaineneunzig9@gmail.com. The link to her Tik Tok account is: https://www.tiktok.com/@elaine.victoria

Elaine Victoria on Instagram

Elaine Victoria has also been posting pictures on Instagram since 08/05/2021. Her profile name is victoriaevn and the profile link is: https://www.instagram.com/victoriaevn/. She gives the same as her business email address as on Tik Tok. With just under 90,000 followers, she only follows 12 other profiles herself. So far, she has published 17 posts, all of which show her in seductive outfits and heavily made up. The amount of naked skin has earned her an average of 16,000 likes per photo. She states „model“ as her profession on Instagram. Her photos usually receive between 100 and 300 comments.

Elaine Victoria and Aldi Nord

Actually, Elaine Victoria works as a cashier for the supermarket chain Aldi Nord. At the checkout she shot short videos for her Tik Tok profile, in which she performed little dances directly at the checkout. These dances made her a star virtually overnight, which even caught the attention of the private broadcaster RTL, who filmed a report about her. She is well received by the majority of Aldi customers. Many male shoppers are enthusiastic about Germany’s most beautiful cashier. Under her videos, there are comments such as that one would buy extra much and especially each item individually from her to be able to be near her. However, there is also negative feedback from customers who think that Elaine Victoria does not look natural, but artificial. However, the Aldi Group itself is proud of its flagship cashier and uses the unexpected attention for marketing purposes. And indeed, the influencer is likely to bring the supermarket chain both awareness and greater sales.

Elaine Victoria on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

Elaine Victoria has no professional channels on Twitter, Facebook or Youtube. However, there are numerous, often clicked clips of her on Youtube, uploaded by third parties and generating a large amount of comments. Elaine Victoria does not have an Onlyfans account yet either. It is not known if and when she will be active on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or Onlyfans.

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